REVEAL: Another CÉLINE Ultimate Holy Grail!

  1. Anyone online right now? I've got something I've been wanting for so long and I'm so ecstatic that it is finally mine! :yahoo::woohoo::happydance:
  2. I'm here! Do show!
  3. Hello yinnie! How are you? Thanks for visiting my thread! Here are some pre-reveal pictures. Can anyone guess?



    It's something on my signature wishlist that unfortunately had to be taken down as it was against tPF rules! I didn't know wishlist INTEL was out of hand around here but anyways that proved to be a lucky break for me in return. What a blessing in disguise!
  4. PS: It is not a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in that Ziplock!
  5. Waiting.....
  6. Hello ryrybaby12! Nice to see you here. Another picture! Any guesses?

  7. [​IMG]
    This hint should be very obvious...
  8. Won't delay any more. Here it is! My long-awaited and very sought after Strapless Trio Clutch Pouch from 2010 is finally mine...





  9. So gorgeous. Black Celine very chic. Congrats.
  10. Wow! You finally found the strapless Trio! Congrats! :biggrin:
  11. Great find...beautiful. Congrats!
  12. This was literally one of the first few things that really tugged at my heart strings when I first set foot into a Céline store back in 2010. I wasn't really looking into buying ANY leather goods or even any clothes back then as I was still not so sure about buying women's products.

    I recall very vividly urging my female friends to come and accompany me to the Céline store. And back then everyone's reaction was – Why? What's at Céline? Are you sure you want to go to Céline? And we all know whatever happened after that is almost a fashion milestone...

    I remembered seeing this strapless trio pouch being displayed on one of the counters and it piqued my curiousity. Sure it looks very functional but how can it be at the same time so beautiful and so covetable? Oh, and the pouches separate and there are different uses for each pouch. One holds a mirror, another a keyfob and the last holds cards!

    What is with this new clean and sleek designs? Back then the store was still not fully renovated so if you can imagine the new Phoebe Philo designs being juxtaposed against the almost no-personality interiors of the old Céline label. How interesting and yet awkward it was... Pieces of beauty in a strange location.

    Anyhow, back then I figured that it was too much to pay for a SLG (haha, look at the state of things now) and months passed and I still was thinking of this one elusive strapless trio clutch pouch.

    Less than a week ago I saw one being listed on eBay and I almost immediately jumped on it and with the kind assistance of a dear tPFer, I managed to bargain on the BIN price of this piece and I am so happy that I went for it. Such a rare piece and I'm so shocked as to why they would can this design... It's just so timeless.

    So there you go, some background story. Kinda funny, I had a chance to buy it from Céline Thailand but it was the wrong colour. And then I soon regretted and just had to have ANY colour and I am so glad that the black strapless trio is finally mine.

    I might be going round in circles. It's just so surreal. From the almost impossible to find backpack duffle bag to this strapless trio. What an amazing 2013 it has been for me! Thanks for sharing my joy and reading a little bit of why I am so BESOTTED with this piece.
  13. Thank you for sharing my joy. I was grinning EAR TO EAR when I saw this listed and couldn't be happier that it is finally in my collection!

    ELLIE! Yes, what are the odds that I find both of my items on my wishlist within the year! Thank you for participating in my thread... I'm incredibly blessed and lucky.

    Thank you. You can never go wrong with a black Céline. Thank you for sharing my joy.
  14. Haha. Great story. I remember my first Celine back in 2009. It was the orange envelope...long gone now:sad:. It was when the prices were in the 1600 range, and no one knew what Celine was etc. oh the good ole days!

    You are beyond your years!

    I had the same heart throb for Celine in camel....which is why I have been looking for the perfect camel bag!

    Cheers to you and finishing off a splendid 2013!
  15. Nice! You own the very limited Luggage Envelope. That series was pretty special. :biggrin: Yeah, everything was so much more affordable and of superior quality than the ones now. I guess that's the effect big conglomerates have on successful luxury brands...

    Ha good that you finally found the perfect shade of camel in your Tie bag! Can't wait to see how it will wear and patina will time. And hope you'll finish 2013 splendidly as well. ;)