Reveal + Another bad customer service story!

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  1. Hi guys, I wanted to share with you a reveal of a little item I brought home yesterday. :graucho:

    But first, another chapter of the usual, never ending, "Bad Customer Service at LV" drama. Let me pre-face this by saying that although I really like LV, I have no favorite designer, which means that I often shop different pieces from different stores. This means that I have a somewhat small LV collection: 3 pairs of shoes, a wallet, a small card holder, a passport holder, 2 sunglasses, a toiletry 25 and my new acquisition. I have also purchased an emilie wallet and a pair of sunglasses for my mom. All of these have been acquired over the past six years or so, which means about 2 purchases a year. This means that I don't have a regular S.A that I go to, but I tend to be helped whoever is available at the time I walked into the store. A few weeks ago I went to the store to see this item and had a lovely lady help me for a while and gave me superb service. I didnt purchase then because I wasnt 100% I wanted the item.

    Last night, one hour before closing - 8PM, I walked in with the DBF to purchase this item. Anne, who helped us previously was not there. There were 3 S.As in the front and not a single customer at the store. Zero, Zilch, Cero, 0. NONE. I walked in, they greeted us, and we spotted the item in a section of the store so we went to check them out. I am 22 and my BF is 21. So we are young, which could explain why we are so often ignored. After playing with the item for about 15 minutes, not a single person came to us asking if we needed help at all. At this point 2 more S.As came from the back and there were 5 total in the floor. Only us, and a couple that came in about 10 mins after we did. I wanted to check out other sizes and patterns so I had to ask for someone if they could come over to help me, one S.A who was on his phone looked up to us, did not even mouth a word, went back to his phone and approached us a minute later. My jaw dropped. Throughout the entire thing we seemed annoyed with us, would walk away to talk to other S.As, and seemed annoyed overall with wanting to help us. I asked if we could please have any water and he said he didn't know if they had any..............

    When I was handing over my debit card to pay I asked him to please put the sale under Anne's name since she ACTUALLY helped me with all my questions and concerns last time I came in.

    Now on to the reveal... ANYONE HERE!?
  2. I'm sorry you had a bad experience! :sad:

    But I'd love to see what you got!
  3. I think you reacted well :smile: its really off putting. Im so adamant that I won't buy from LV anymore but then they bring out new things that I 'need' and I subject myself to them again lol.

    Here for the reveal!
  4. I had a similar experience at LV the other day - we stood at the counter for 5 minutes, in a boutique with no other customers, before anyone came to help us. Sorry you had that experience too, but can't wait to see what you got!!
  5. Wait, he didn't know if they had WATER?!! WTF, I get bottled water when I go to my bank. That is crap. I'm going out of town for my bday and I can't decide if I should buy the small item on vacation or wait and buy it from my SA to be sure I'm treated kindly.

    Let's see what you got! :popcorn:
  6. Oh man, I know what you are talking about. I gave my agenda to my little sister, so we both went to LV to let it hot stamp. We waited 10 minutes and stared the whole time at 2 SAs. They were in a conversation and didn't have a thought about to stop it although they have seen us.

    I asked them if it would be possible to stop their private talk and help us... I will never forget how she looked at me :lol:

    But let's see what you got....
  7. #7 Apr 18, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2014
    My small shopping bag hehe


    Fixed tehe :smile:
  8. I would stick with the firts person who was helping you for the future purchases...
    I personally have somewhat low standards for customer service and never complain, but I did complain for the first time a week ago or so. My mom went to check out some nice shoes (not LV) after going to the gym and was wearing gym clothers. There were no customers there at all, and the guy who was just standing there looked her up and down, and turned away, without even saying hello. My mom just left. I sent an e-mail to the corporate and got responces from them and from the store manager. Just want them to improve, so the next older person or someone who is dressed not so well gets a kinder reaction.
    So, let's see what you got!
  9. Sounds like my first experience. But hope you love what you purchased. Let's see!
  10. I'm always surprised when I hear about people who go into a store and just stand there waiting for someone to come over. Is everyone afraid to go up to an SA and tell them you need help? Waiting 10 or 20 minutes for them to come over to you seems silly. Not that they should ignore you, but when I worked retail in college I hated bothering customers.

    I digress, let's see what you got!
  11. Thanks everyone for your kind comments.. Here is the huge box... Guesses?

  12. There is a slight chance you and I shop at the same store, considering you seem to be a UF alumni and I live in Florida too. USF alumni though lol
  13. FL in the house!

    I shop at the Jacksonville store. I'm not even sure why it exists, though :lol: Service there is hit or miss... I think they get a lot of window browsers so they don't really engage much with anyone who comes in. The women are usually pretty nice, the men can be a little snobby.
  14. ohhh! Neverfull?
  15. I'm here, open open:woohoo: