Reveal: ...and the Mystery Black crunch bag is...

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  1. Can you believe this is my first ever black bag? I saw it and couldn't resist how great it will be with a suit for work. I have always carried bright colorful bags and don't see that stopping, but now I have a go to bag ... just in case I need to dress it up a bit more.

    So... I told you already that the bag was black crunch. (Which I totally under estimated how fantastically sexy that leather is.. I mean hot!!:ps:
  2. ... and I had one guess that the bag was a black sexbomb.... and it isn't....
  3. ... and just look how yummy this black crunch is....

    black crunch.JPG
  4. :nuts:OMG what is it?!??!
  5. More, more, more.... (how'dya like'dya like it...)
  6. OMG ummmmmmmm ok not a sexbomb so I'm going to guess a ermmmmmmmmm uhmmmmmmmmm.....

    french nanny?
  7. .... it's a Bauhaus!!!!

    The Bauhaus is an influential, forward-looking German school of architecture and applied arts. It was founded by Walter Gropius with the ideal of integrating art, craftsmanship, and technology. Realizing that mass production had to be the precondition of successful design in the machine age, its members rejected the Arts and Crafts Movement's emphasis on individually executed luxury objects. The Bauhaus is often associated with a severe but elegant geometric style carried out with great economy of means, though in fact the works produced by its members were richly diverse.


    Or it's an amazingly sexy bag from the Fall of '07
  8. :dothewave:

    I neeeeeeeeeed pics!!!!!!!
  9. Here she is in all her glory!!



  10. Omg it's gorgeous!!!!!!!!
  11. The trim really doesn't look that light of a brown.. it's a really intense dark brown that doesn't take away from the black at all. I may have to try and use different lighting for more pictures to try and show that. It's also not that shiny looking.. must have been some sunlight when I was in her photo shoot!
  12. OMG I love the studs in the corners, outside pocket, two ways to wear the bag... WOW kitty you did GOOD!!!!!
  13. ^ Thanks TK!! I am totally in LOVE!

    Some detail shots...



  14. :faint:

    KITTY!!! She's gorgeous! F'07 was a very very very good season! Does she have the awesomey awesome giant graffiti tag, too?
  15. Hold you pants too... I got this for a steal of $95 from one of our own Syb! I can't believe how lovingly this bag was taken care of! It's really in fantastic condition and feels like new! Smells new too!