Reveal and Review: Fiamma medium

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  1. #1 May 4, 2016
    Last edited: May 4, 2016
    I first saw this version of the Fiamma at the Ferragamo flagship store in Florence. There were multiple variations of the Fiamma on display, but this was the one that caught my eye. I didn't buy it at the time, but saw it again last week at a Ferragamo store and decided it was now or never -- I think they've stopped, or are about to stop, selling this version.

    The descriptive tag says lizard effect but IMO, it's more herringbone effect. It's a layer of shaded laser-cut leather on top of black calfskin.

    Here's how it looks out and about:

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  2. And here is a close-up of the pattern:

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  3. #3 May 4, 2016
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    While I was out carrying it for the first time, I came across these animal-print patent flats (from Via Angeli, also an Italian brand) and thought the bag and shoes made a fun combo. They're not exactly alike, but IMO, they clicked in a casual way:

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  4. #4 May 4, 2016
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    Although if I want to go all-Ferragamo, I can also carry the bag while wearing my tortoiseshell Varina flats:

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  5. And, last photo, a view of the bag from the side:

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  6. Now for the review:
    I love this bag!

    So many people have said the LV Empreinte leather smells great, but IMO, this leather smells even better. Everything about the bag just feels right. It has one inside zip pocket, which is big enough to hold a small wallet (but not a long, continental wallet). It also has two pockets for a phone, keys, etc. One of the inside pockets is wide enough to take one of the bigger smartphones.

    On the outside, there is also a small pocket behind the clasp -- that's where I put my phone and keys for easy access. You can lock the outside pocket while still having access to the main part of the bag. All in all, it's a practical but attractive mix of easy access and secure closures.

    The leather strap is detachable. It's long enough to wear cross body, but I generally don't wear cross-body styles. So I took it to the shoe repair guy and had two extra holes punched in so I can shorten the strap a bit more. I find it wears more comfortably on the shoulder that way. Once I have it on my shoulder it does not slip (something that, alas, my Gucci Boston Tian bag can't claim).

    I suspect this bag will become one of my favorites and be carried often. It's good for casual wear or for work. I'll feel comfortable carrying it for all but really dressy occasions.
  7. That leather does look interesting I have to say. Looks a bit like a herringbone pattern to me. Enjoy your lovely new bag.
  8. Amazing! Congrats and thank you for the lovely pics!
  9. Thanks for the review Passerine. It does look like herringbone to me, as well. I bet this would be great for the office. I can see it paired with a suit, or dressed down.
  10. This bag is so sweet and the design you chose!!:cool:
  11. shoes twining ! (I also have the tortoise Vara). The bag looks very practical :love:
  12. This is a beautiful bag! Love your choice and style. It seems slimmer than the normal fiamma ? Is this the small or medium size?
  13. Thank you! It's a medium. It might seem slimmer because, due to the overlay of the laser-cut leather onto the calfskin, it doesn't have that outside zip pocket on the back.

    It took me a while to warm up to the Fiamma, but now that I have one, I really appreciate its design and wearability. I'm even tempted to add a second to my collection :sneaky:
  14. I agree that it looks more herringbone than lizard. I love it with the zebra shoes! And your tortoiseshell Varinas are beautiful (I'm a sucker for tortoiseshell).

    Thanks so much for the review - the Fiamma bags never really called to me, but your review is making me think twice. I do also like this slimmed down version without the pocket on the back. Congrats on a lovely bag!!
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