Reveal and help with styling

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  1. Hello everyone !

    I bought these amazing disco shoes cause they’re so “in your face”. When I buy Loubs I usually go a little bit crazy...when you touch the sequins the shoe changes into more rainbow color

    The problem is the styling though ! I always wear black and I have a classy style; a lot of black shorter skirts, dresses. Fur, coats. They’re either gray or black. I never wear blue jeans...never.
    The thing is I tried the boots on with a skirt and it did not look good at all....I bought these leather super tight black leggings and it looked awesome. Although the black vest did not match...Anymore ideas ??

    So here is my style



    The shoes



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  2. That's one way to look at it... ;) We all define "classy" very differently I guess!

    I think the shoes are fun. Congrats on your purchase! I don't care for CL in general but these are stunning! However, they could easily look like something borrowed from a drag queen depending on what you wear with them. I would certainly not pair them with fur. I would keep everything else as subtle as possible. Too bad you don't wear denim because these would look killer with nice jeans!
  3. Modern classy lol, not the best pictures (and the last one wasn’t classy) anyway !!!! Thank you !!!!! and you’re right about combining fur with those shoes...NONONO ! Yeah I don’t like denim on me but maybe now that I’ve lost some weight it might even look good I’ll try it out for sure cause it seems that black and denim color suits the shoes best. Please let me know if something else pops up in your mind about the styling !
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  4. Maybe black trousers, black or grey cashmere crewneck sweater and the boots?
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  5. That’s good...any suggestions for jacket ? It’s pretty cold here
  6. A cute teddy coat?
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  7. 78C10883-2609-4CD2-953F-014BDEA22B41.jpeg
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