Reveal....and advice...

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  2. Whoops... they were just a bit slow at appearing!

    She is fab! She looks like brand new :biggrin: have you kept the plastic on the hard ware?

    For exactly all the reasons you stated... I love her too! She is the perfect bag for me, and I couldn't really resist the bargain price!

    Looking at your photos tho I'm thinking I probably should aim to look after her really well and keep her looking good...she is pretty!

    Thanks again!
  3. And your heart keyring is gorgeous!!
  4. I hate to be a real pain... but there was a question on here early about the measurements of the os alexa and I gave the measurements for mine. So, I'm curious to know what the difference is. What is the width of your base? I measured the leather on the base and got 35cm or thereabouts. Thanks :biggrin:
  5. On the website is gives 23 x 33 regular & 32 x 37 for oversized
  6. Don't blame you Cupcake - this thread is messing with my head (gosh, I'm a poet and didn't know it!!!) -why do Mulberry have to complicate things......:p
  7. It really doesn't take much for me at all :biggrin:
  8. Hi all

    I'm well behind in this thread but wanted to ask a q. I've been offered 2nd chance offer on the Alexa that was in the reveal here and it was meant to be an oversize but seller has confirmed ( after I paid but sure it was an oversight) that it's regular size. I wanted OS as figure better usage- can anyone confirm apart from measurements whether the regular size is good for an every day bag? Also have read whole thread re fabric etx- can I ask how your 2 are getting on and whether they have been durable?

    Any help much appreciated!! Xxxx
  9. I have just bought a regular alexa for everyday use and the size is perfect. I suppose it depends how much you carry around. I have a little one so have baby bag too (learnt the hard way not to have baby drinks etc in my bags as they run and stain them!) and just wanted something i could use as a cross body bag too. I looked at the OS and felt they were too big. Is the seller returning some of your money as the bag is a regular and you thought you were buying an OS bag?
  10. Hi Sue

    No she isn't offering to do that and the lovely fount of knowledge that is Mooshooshoo has told me what prices were and I've basically ended up paying full price for the bag!

    I'm going to ask for my money back on principle I think even though I do like the bag. I've got a little one too as agree re messenger style bag- I end up just having a small bag across my body with my essentials and carry all bubbas things in a big changing bag!

    Do you think that fair enough for me to ask for money back?
  11. Yes! You should ask for it back. The item most definitely was not as described! Ask and if she refuses open a dispute.
  12. She seems pretty reasonable so hopefully wont get to that. Will email her now and keep you posted! When will my search for perfect size/ perfect price bag come to an end?!
  13. With young kids i have found the Alexa and Antony perfect! The bays is just not practical, can't hang it over my buggy..
  14. Now you tell me when I have 2!!! teeheeheeheehee
    The sparkle giant leopard is going back tomorrow- I'm going to get a daria satchel as these look pretty practical as well and i love the beautiful leather which seems to be quite hard wearing. What're your thoughts on the daria?
  15. I have two kids too! I like the daria satchel, i wanted one when they went in the sales. Think you would get a lot of use out of one.