Reveal....and advice...

  1. Eeee when she's delivered, fingers crossed, today. Obviously I'll have another drama!!
  2. It is complicated. My heart was a bit heavy last night.... but I truly love her :love:

    I'm going to take some more flattering photos to show her at her best and get them on soon :yahoo:
  3. Congrats,
    I love the way she hangs, very different to leather

    I bought this bag last Nov and really love her. She has held up surprising well and I used her a lot at Christmas and had loads of compliments

    Do you mind me asking how much you paid, curious how much they are in the Outlets
  4. Yes, you're right she does hang lovely...and I don't feel I have to be too precious with her and I'm not worrying about irregular leather grain or wrinkling etc.

    I paid 434 last week.... I think a bit of a bargain for an oversized alexa. And I do plan to use her, A LOT! The colour is just so versatile and goes with everything! :yahoo:
  5. I agree, lovely to have a bag you don't have to take so much care over, with a bit of glam

    and yes an absolute bargain
  6. You've had yours for a few months and say she's wearing surprising well... are there any things I should watch out for? Does the cotton stretch? Did you think she would have problems? The only thing I'm going to be careful of is over filling her.

    Maybe the next time you have her out you could put some photos up of how she looks now. Thanks for the info... :balloon:
  7. .... Road trip!!!! :biggrin:
  8. There could be something in that... The wee purchase from Bond St has still NOT arrived (ordered on Tuesday morning) I could have walked to York and back in this time! :nogood:
  9. Is definitely a sign.... :biggrin: do it! :love:
  10. I will get some photos uploaded for you this weekend...........hectic tomorrow so probably be Saturday
  11. I can completely understand why you'd be surprised/disappointed to receive a sub unexpectedly, but quite often the "flaw" is not noticeable or minute - and there's no extra discount in the Outlets vs their other stock anyway! I'd be tempted to keep if I was happy with it, to avoid the hassle of return / receipt of another unseen... :shrugs:

    Very interesting about the kindle fitting the pouch - I shall have to try mine....!!!
    (really like the purse & other pouch - guess they're non-M though!)
  12. I was just so shocked last night!
    But I'm delighted to keep her :biggrin:
    I never thought the keyboard kindle would fit...that was a lovely surprise, like I said its a bit tight but works fine for me.
    The other purse and pouch are lloyd baker bargain finds from tkmaxx... They are lovely IRL too
    You know what....I'm a whole lot happier tonight :biggrin::lol:
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    As promised some photos of my Alexa, she is regular size. I used her quite a lot around Christmas time but then put her away.
  14. There are no signs of wear anywhere as you will see. I think it's far more of a robust bag than you would expect. I thought the sparkle might come off but I can't see that it has anywhere and there is no sign of wear to the corners

    There are lots of plus factors, very lite, hangs beautifully and is a very carefree bag

    Enjoy your new purchase............;)
    CIMG9310.jpg CIMG9312.jpg CIMG9313.jpg CIMG9314.jpg CIMG9311.jpg
  15. I'm looking forward to them, thank you :biggrin: