Reveal....and advice...

  1. I do really love her :love:

    But I'm going to phone today and get advice... I mean they can't MAKE me send her back, so I'll see what they say.

    Should I phone Becky at Bicester or should I call Customer Services??

    I've used her every single day for the last week....eeek! And I have to be honest and say I'm not precious with my bags, I bought an AG black Roxanne from another PFer last year and I'd be embarrassed to post a picture of her now....again I LOVE her too!

    The most annoying thing is that they have a ss large lily in York that I really really really would love....but they can't send it out cos it's a sub grrrrrr! :pout:
  2. That is annoying about the Lily inYork!! You're right to call them today and see what they say. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

    She is lovely though, I would be reluctant to let her go if she was the last one!
  3. She is lovely...and like I've said I never thought an o/s Alexa was the bag for me therefore I wouldn't spend the full money on one but kinda still wanted one cos it's such an iconic bag (does that make sense!). So, this was a great way to get her!! A great value bag that I didn't have to be precious with...and as it turns out the Alexa is the bag style for me!!

    Should I call Becky at Bicester or CS??
  4. Congrats, shame it is sub hope you get it sorted out soon.
  5. Hi,

    You are right, it is a sub and should not have been posted out. It will have been a complete oversight, as all the outlet staff know it is against Mulberry's policy. Mistakes happen and with the volume of bags they sell, it is bound to occur.

    For whatever reason, the sub ticket will be missing from the label - this is why M introduced the 0 ensure resellers couldn't just remove the ticket and sell on as perfect.

    You have two choices: if you're happy with your bag, you simply keep it.

    If not, you call the outlet you bought it from, advise them they have dispatched a sub and ask for either a replacement or refund. The only issue will be whether or not they have a none sub replacement.

    Even 0 & 00 stamped bags are covered by Mulberry's 12 month warranty. The only difference being, the fault which necessitated the 0 or 00 stamping would be exempt from the guarantee.

  6. Ok, mystery has been solved.... kinda

    Whilst in the queue for my MOT Becky from Bicester phoned me back to explain.
    Apparently the outlets sometimes get batches of bags that are all marked 0, but are inspected and are absolutely perfect. They can then sell the bags as perfect and post them out. It will show up on their system as marked 0 but perfect... confusing, much? So it will not affect my warranty etc. All the bags they have in the cotton weave have the 0 so I'm no better off with another one. And I do love my girl! :love:
    But when I have phoned the outlets in the past I have only asked, "is it postable?" but now it seems you run the risk of getting a 0 bag... maybe we should being more clearly asking is it stamped 0.
    She also said they don't tell customers because most don't understand this system and they don't want to alarm anyone. But, I'm thinking really they should explain in full to every customer... what do you guys think?
    I couldn't talk to Becky for long because I was going to be called for inspection.
    So, yes, my girl is a 0 but she's staying put :tup:
  7. Well that all sounds very confusing! Happy ending though
  8. That is really confusing! Would be the case for the Lily you were looking at in York as well? Just a thought....
  9. I wish...but I'm quite sure it is an actual sub :nogood:

    I think she was meaning it can happen when they get large batches of a seasonal style.

    But, I'm waiting patiently for a delivery from Bond St. I will reveal...:graucho:

    Still confusing tho. I think they should tell everyone at the time of purchase.
  10. I agree, they should be telling the customers so they are fulling aware. Imagine if someone goes to sell it in years to come, and the issue of it being stamped with 0 comes up and they knew nothing of it?

    Also, wouldn't there be a reason why it would have been stamped 0 in the first place? Could it be possible that the imperfection was so small that they didn't notice or it could be the general quality of the leather of something like that? I don't understand why it would be stamped 0 otherwise.

    Or am I getting the wrong end of the stick? I often do that!
  11. I don't really understand either :confused1:

    Maybe this bag wasn't popular at full price... because it's cotton rather than leather so didn't sell well and it was a very large quantity sent to outlets and all were marked with a 0. She said it happened with a leopard print something or other too.

    I don't expect to ever sell her (I'll probably run her into the ground, the poor thing!), but if it was a bag I would only use occasionally and maybe in a few seasons would 'move her on' then I'd be very hacked off with the 0!
  12. I think this bag is lovely, I really like the combo of the cotton and the leather straps and a really lovely colour too. Enjoy her :biggrin:
  13. Thank you... she is lovely. I'm a bit disappointed I revealed her in a panic last night with a big :shocked: face!

    Might give her another outing when I've another reveal soon...:graucho:
  14. Another reveal....exciting!!! How soon is soon??! :p
  15. Crikey - how complicated! - but glad you are happy with her - all this confusion aside, that's really all that matters:biggrin: