Reveal.... and a question

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  1. #1 Jul 26, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2016

    I just bought a pair of CL as a gift to my GF, but I'm not sure about the sizing...
    Spoiling the reveal, the shoes are Decollete 554 100mm patent :smile: (photos to follow)
    All I know about her CL size is that she wears a (probably "new") Declic 120mm in kid leather, size 37.
    I bought the same size for Decollete, though as far as I understand, Declic runs slightly small, whereas decollete may not. But the thing is, she has a rather wide feet and normally wears 36 / 36.5 (Sergio Rossi, Semilla, Tory Burch etc.) and even though Declic looks wider, 37 doesn't seem to be a loose fit at all. So, do you think Decollete in 37 will fit her right?
    I may not have a chance to change size if it won't fit (as I bought them abroad.) Your comments are appreciated.


  2. I think the toe box of the 37 will be okay for her because it is narrow. However, based on her sizes for other brands and styles, the length might be a bit too long. She seems to be close to my sizing as I wear a 37 in the Decollete 554. I have one in python and I wear a ball of foot pad in them because they are slightly long in the back.
  3. well, as I hold the shoes in my hand, I also felt them looking kinda bigger than they should be :sad:(
    We'll see in a couple of days, hopefully.

    Thanks @LavenderIce !!
  4. Here are some more photos...

    IMG_0168 - Copy.JPG IMG_0169 - Copy.JPG IMG_0175 - Copy.JPG
  5. Beautiful - I didn't realise that CL still did the Decolette style. I see more Pigalle Follies in 100 height. What a lucky lady!
  6. For reference, unfortunately 37 came a little bit loose. Coincidentally, she said that she tried some louboutins recently and 36.5 fit her well, though I don't know the models. We'll give the shoes to a cobbler to place some inserts. I guess it will work out this way.