Reveal . An iconic bag

  1. Just received this beauty from the Paris boutique :smile:
    I fell in love with this bag 💗 as soon as I saw it
    I knew I had to have it as it will be a classic and who knows when the price of it will start increasing

    I got the grained leather in black with fuschia lining
    And best of all GOLD HARDWARE 😍😍
    Enjoy :smile:



    By the way the bag is much cheaper in Paris 3000 euros
    In Dubai it sells for 16,000 dirhams
    And u bought it for 12,000 dirhams in Paris after tax back
  2. WOW!!! Look at the beautiful grain on the leather! And the colour combination is so beautiful!

    Congratulations on your new iconic piece!
  3. Wow, congrats
  4. Beautiful.
  5. What a gorgeous bag! I never knew it came in gold hardware as well.. very beautiful =D
  6. Yeah me too!
  7. Absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations. Now I really want one :smile:
  8. Stunning color combination! Gorgeous leather. Congrats!!
  9. Gorgeous purchase. Congratulations. :smile:
  10. stunning beauty!! you've made a great choice!!

  11. Simply stunning! Im seriously thinking to get it but i want bright colors. One question do you think it will be big enough to hold a 15inch laptop? Thanks for sharing anyways!!
  12. Stunning and amazing! Congrats!
  13. Thanks al
  14. WOW! It is so beautiful.. Very elegant.. And great colour combo.. LOVE!:love:
  15. congratz!!! I love this color combo and leather so much!!