Reveal Aline!

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  1. Here is the Hermes Aline GM :wlae:

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  2. Ooo! I heard about this bag! It's adorable!
    Have you been using it much? Is it lined? Are there pockets? What fits inside?
    BTW, congratulations!!!
  3. What is the material? Wool or cashmere, or some other?

    The design and colours would go so well with any tohu bohu!
  4. Ooooh very nice! Congrats! More details please, thanks!
  5. It looks very cute. I'd love to find out more!
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    I know it wasn't much of a real, she didn't come with a dust bag..anywho she is a beautiful nice size bag!
  7. I meant it wasn't much of a reveal... lol
  8. That's cute! What do you put in it?
  9. I love it - very unique! Hermes has certainly come out with some great new designs lately. Enjoy carrying it.
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    You aren't allowed to sell here.
  11. I'm so cheery just looking at this bag!

    How do you like using it?
  12. katsluxury, Congrats. It looks like
    a fun piece. :smile:
  13. congrats on that colourful bag! It looks like a fun bag for casual outings!
  14. Very nice bag!