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  1. :upsidedown::wlae:
    Doggone that Nordstroms anniversary sale!

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  2. congrats! :yahoo:
  3. your on a roll, girl! congrats on your newest mj addition!
  4. Girl, you are killing me! I was looking at for the anniversary sale and they had nothing from Mj (one bag on bag but nothing more). Which nordies did you track this baby down? Did you tell your hubby yet? :sweatdrop: I know you are not senile yet :nogood:
  5. Space, love the dress. I took sewing in 7th grade and I made an apron and a pillow, that is as far as my skills go.
    I called the store and because of the sale my hillier hasn't been shipped yet. Why didn't they do it yesterday?! I am PO.
  6. Yesterday someone here had a link to the sale items. I stopped by NorthPark on my way home and there it was. They have a black Damen up there, too.
    Nope, haven't told hubby yet. I think I'll just sit on it a day or so and tell him when I make up my mind. :graucho:
  7. congrats on a unique and gorogues bag!
  8. nice! i'm happy you got it. did you make up your mind on whether or not it's a keeper yet?
  9. Very pretty! Such a classy combo with the off-white and gold HW. Have you decided whether it's a keeper?
  10. Congrats! That is an absolutely gorgeous bag! May I ask how much you paid for it? I think I might want one!
  11. Very pretty!
  12. I think the reveal from this afternoon will be going back, unless someone else wants it.

    Anyway, the only reason I won't keep it is because tonight I found what I have been looking for, Resort '08 Stam!!! Now, that makes me happy! It's off white with metallic gold handles. Beautiful!!!

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  13. It was $866.
  14. it looks like the Damen has the same grey edge paint/trim as my (and dbeth's!) white stam -- do you find that this is a true white or is it more like the white stam from S09 -- more of a very pale grey color??

    I see that you said you think you're going to return it -- where did you find the resort stam? congrats on the find
  15. It's kind of a faint grey color. It's not white. It's called Maiden. It looks just like the Damen, except it's a tote style.

    I got the cream/gold Stam at Neiman's. It was already on sale and then an extra 25% off of the sale price. So it was 50% off. I just couldn't pass it up! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Hubby even agreed and thought I should get it. I just wish the chain handle had the leather wrap at the top.