REVEAL: after work treat!

  1. Thanks, hun!!! (;

    Thank you! I was originally just do my first and last initial but i saw a girl here on the forum with a 3 letter name and thought it was so cute! But she had it done on a luggage tag and it was vertically!

    You should get your initials stamped!!!
  2. Thanks Hun :smile::smile:
  3. congrats on your Speedy!!
  4. Such a gorgeous classic, congrats!
  5. wow, love it congrats!
  6. Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  7. Love your new bag! Congrats!
  8. Congrats!
  9. Congrats on your Speedy 40! Would love to see some mod pics ;)
  10. Gorgeous! I love it!
  11. Nice Speedy! Looks great! Congrats!
  12. YAy! :biggrin: Congrats on the great bag! The speedy 40 is the perfect size for everyday use!
  13. Beautiful!
  14. Wow looks very nice, Congrats !! Enjoy!
  15. I will!!!

    I agree! I dont know why people are so afraid of the size!

    Thanks everyone. Ill post pictures all this week of the size through out my regular day.

    The 40 is big but not "luggage" like like everyone says! In looove big bags!