Reveal! After a months dilemma, finally, my first Chanel!


Jul 11, 2014
Yes yes yes!!!
Introducing my lovely black lambskin rectangular mini with brushed gold hardware:smile:
Took me a whole month to decide. I was having a huge dilemma of choosing caviar or lambskin. But when I saw this beauty, I couldn't resist, I would definitely willing to gave extra care for such a gorgeous lovely piece:biggrin:
Thank you Tutushopper and some lovely TPFers , your words convinced me I shouldn't be afraid of lambskin. Since I love it's look better, I should get it and enjoy it! I'm going to enjoy this puffy little beauty and hopefully to develop a beautiful patina on it. :smile:
Thank you calliandraroad, missteresadee, valentine and so many people who helped me to hunt this beauty, it's sooooooooo hard to get, I thought I was not able to get one cause everywhere all said it's completely sold out, but lucky me finally found one! :biggrin: yayyyyyy
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