Reveal - Advice needed


Southern Gentleman
Jun 16, 2009
Hello all,

This is my first reveal and also my first H piece. My wife has a few pieces but I bought this one for myself and I'm having second thoughts.

So basically I'm just not sure about this bracelet because its SO big (loose). This is the size the SA recommended after trying one on and they had to order it in for me from another store. He suggested I not go any smaller because it will become difficult to fasten. I have a comparison pic with my LV Keep-it 21 which fits loose but just right... Suggestions??


Jun 8, 2007
I think you can afford to lose one link. I have the same bracelet (except that mine has one black leather link). Mine is perfect when it is on, but I do have to struggle a bit to fasten it because the bar is rather long. As time goes on, the fastening is easier and easier as I learn how to find the proper angle more quickly! I also tend to flail my hands around, particularly when I am talking, and if I had that much extra when mine was fastened, I'd probably break my wrist by catching it on something!!

Excellent choice - looks great with your watch!