Reveal: a week earlier to get my birthday present

  1. Happy birthday! Congrats on your new bag :smile:
  2. gorgeous! looks great on you!
  3. you are sparkling and glowing wearing your bag ;) its beautifull! congrats and enjoy!
  4. WOW WOW WOW I'm so jealous! love it!
  5. Happy Birthday !! what a lovely present there .... Love the color ....
  6. Congrats and happy early birthday!!!
  7. Happy Birthday (early)!!! Congrats on your GORGEOUS bag. It looks great on you. :tup:
    Thank you for sharing several modeling pics.
  8. omg you have a good hubbub :smile:
    I love your new Chanel with your jeans casual, that's a great look!
  9. Beautiful, looks great on you:smile:
  10. Thanks everyone! I am so happy and lucky to get the 12a jumbo as my birthday present! Thanks to my hubby too!!!
  11. Congrats on your fabulous red!! She looks great on you!! We are bag twins!! Enjoy your birthday!
  12. Love it!!!!! :biggrin: What a wonderful birthday present, the perfect red and looks great on you all ways. Congrats!!
  13. Congrats and enjoy your new bag, great pics!
  14. You look great with you 12A red jumbo. ;)
  15. It's gorgeous and it looks great on you! Congrats!