Reveal - a new bag and a new trench

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  1. A few months ago I was very tempted by the Madison Sadies, and I mentioned to my sister that I quite liked how they looked. And... I recently got a small Sadie from her as a birthday present! Not entirely sure which colour this is - deep quartz maybe?

    I've actually used this bag a few times now - it's perfect for formal dinners or just short trips into town. And it fits so much - it fits my accordion zip wallet, an umbrella, moisturisers/makeup, camera... and it still has space! And my keys fit perfectly into the back pocket too.

    I think pictures of this have been posted here but thought I'd post a few more anyway :smile:

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  2. Beautiful Bag!
  3. Gorgeous!
  4. And I've been receiving emails from Coach UK about their sale for about a month now, and finally managed to make it down to London last week to see what they had on sale...

    I went with the intention of looking at bags/wallets (and they had quite a lot of these on sale - saffiano totes, Phoebes, Isabelles (?!), mini tanners, etc), but saw one of these trench coats on a mannequin and really liked how it looked. And since I love trench coats, this trench coat fit perfectly, and I got so much use out of my trench coats last year, I got the trench coat!

    Sadly it's still a bit too cold at the moment here but can't wait until it gets a little warmer to wear this out!

    Also - the label for this says that it's machine washable! Which I was pleasantly surprised by given that the other Coach trench coats and jackets in the store were all dry clean only - I think this is because the other coats had leather/fur trim whereas this doesn't?

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  5. The Sadie is such a pretty color! Thanks for sharing all the pics! I just love the tattersall print on your trench. Congrats on all your goodies!
  6. Great trench and LOVE the Sadie!! Both are beautiful. I just bought a trench yesterday too and a Sadie last week. Congrats.
  7. Very pretty and I love your coat too!
  8. Bag twins! I just got her big sis yesterday at outlet. The color is deep quartz/black. Lovely!
  9. Sadie is beautiful, and I love, love, love that coat!
  10. Thank you! :smile:

    Thank you and also thanks for the colour name! Congrats on your Sadie too!

    Thanks! It was definitely the tattersall print that caught my eye - makes it quite different from my other trench coats that are all just one colour...

    Yes I saw your thread (+ love your trench and Sadie too!)! :smile: Thanks!
  11. Thank you! I'm definitely looking forward to wearing the coat out once the weather gets warmer!
  12. So pretty! And that trench is sooo lovely! Congrats! :smile:
  13. Gorgeous bag, and trench coat..Congrats
  14. I have Sadie's big sis and love her! Your trench is beyond cute!
  15. Beautiful bag and trench! Congrats!