Reveal a long time coming!

  1. omg!!! those babies have just been sitting in a box under stairs???????
    they both are beautiful!!!! congrats!
  2. Tge color is soooo nice!:smile::smile::smile:
  3. Thanks you! :biggrin:

    I do love the teal though it is a bit harder to pair with outfits; thank you!

    I now have 4 petale domes total :biggrin: When I find a bag I like, I cannot resist getting more colors :blush:


    Well, just 4 petale domes (so far. . .):graucho:

    You should never feel bad! Beauty is necessary to combat all the ugliness we deal with in the world. I love to look at all your bags too :smile:

    I know! I am still pinching myself; I can't believe they sat there for a month just fine & I got them after I'd almost given up :cool: Thanks so much!

    Thank you!!!
  4. Very beautiful! I love the floral bags :smile: Congrats!
  5. I have a teal Vertigo and it is not so hard to pair. I wear as a contrast statement piece or pair with grey, purple, navy.
  6. :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
    The color on both bags is stunning! Oh my! I think I'm dreaming....someone pinch me!
  7. Thanks! I love floral too :smile:
  8. Good point-I wore yesterday with a white/beige pattern sundress.
  9. Thanks! The colors are outstanding.
  10. Both are gorgeous , congrats
  11. Thank you!