Reveal a little different!!!

  1. IMG_1506120952.236223.jpg

    Anyone around? I'm happy!!!!
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  2. yes! what is inside?
  3. Me, I am here! What is it?
  4. Here!
  5. Really luv this! A little leather and a little python. It has several pockets inside and check out the python part lifts up for an outside pocket! The python flap stays down magnetically.

    Can be worn hand held (I wouldn't cauz of python handle), crossbody or on shoulder. Here are some pics! Only you guys understand my happiness!! Color is tdf.

  6. Beautiful!!!
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  7. Sooo beautiful!! Congratulations and enjoy this gorgeous bag!
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  8. Lovely! Congrats!
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  9. Very beautiful bag!
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  10. Just stunning ... beautiful, beautiful purchase❤️
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  11. Off the hook. I love Python and this combination is wonderful:heart:
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  12. Stunning
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  13. That's really cool. Quite versatile too. Lots of great photos of it as I was curious what was under the first flap after having seen the python peeking out. Seems like a good size too. Nice choice. Thx for posting the pics! Enjoy! Would love to see some interior photos if you have the time.
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  14. It's actually a pretty small bag but the various pockets make it more functional. I don't carry much. Will take more inside pics.
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  15. Congrats on this stunningly unique bag!!! Looks great on you.
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