Reveal 3 new items.

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  1. Tell me all what u think about my 3 new items?!! Next one will be def a coffer. Do someone knows the colors of the coffer for 2012/2013?? I saw some at raffaello network and think im already in love. And now enjoy :smile:
  2. Here ya go
    DSC00159.JPG DSC00161.JPG DSC00935.JPG
  3. Love them all!!! The leather on your bag looks divine! Congrats :biggrin:
  4. Beautiful!!! congrats!
  5. Really nice! I'd never seen that bag style before. Where did you get it?
  6. Congrats! They're all so lovely! And look great together.. :biggrin:
  7. In milan boutique. Me too i saw it for the first time there and i was like this bag should be mine :love::loveeyes:. there was a plenty of other colors all beautiful :smile:. The sale assistant told me that its a classique that miu miu produce every year and she told me either that on miu miu website there is only few type of bags they do not expose everything.
  8. Nice items congrats! What are the name of your Small Leather Goods?
  9. sorry cant help you in this i dont know the names :sad: but i think u can find the second piece on the website
  10. Thanks, I'll check it out:smile:
  11. Oh I see! That makes sense, congratulations on your beautiful find! :smile: Enjoy her.
  12. Wow...Beautiful Bag! If you don't mind my asking, how much is this bag?
  13. Hi Bambijo, beautiful collection you have there! Do you happen to have the email address of the Milan boutique?
  14. Yes of course the price of the bag is 980 euro's.
  15. mmm no sorry but u can find the phone number of their boutique on