REVEAL #2!!! what happens when DH has to cancel annie trip to Paris AGAIN!!!!!

  1. oh where oh where did i leave off in my other thread? :shrugs: haha

    where is oregonfanlisa!!?? LOL
  2. aaah i was saying DH and i had planned to celebrate our 5th annie back in december, but had to postpone so then DH made up for it by getting me the tri color ostrich kelly! :love:
  3. Oh!! cant wait PBC
  4. so then we recheduled paris for valentine's wknd and i was soooo looking forward to it!!! how perfect of a wknd would that be!? so romantic too, right??? :heart::heart::heart:
  5. Pictures? :woohoo::search:
    The Tri Color Ostrich Kelly sounds as good as a paris trip to me.. haha..
  6. :popcorn:
  7. so anyways, 2 wks after the tri color ostrich kelly treat, DH and i headed on up to NYC at the last minute bc my brother had emergency surgery.
  8. but right before we left, we received some important news that would force us to have to cancel paris AGAIN! booohooooo i was super bummed for about 2 seconds, but got over it bc my brother was top priority at the time. no time to think about paris, croc kellys, or birkins!
  9. come on!!!!! show us!!!!:drinks::popcorn:
  10. refresh, refresh, refresh...
  11. What is it???!?!?!?!
  12. once in NY, our days & nights were mostly spent at mt. sinai hospital with my bro and parents. even though hermes did cross my mind, i didn't dare ask DH to take me there.

    btw: gwyneth paltrow was admitted to the same hospital and discharged the same time my bro did too!
  13. Okay, very excited here!!! Can't wait!
  14. one afternoon, DH and i decided to take my parents to chinatown to buy some fruits and snacks before it got too dark. it was around 4:45pm when we got to the chestnut stand....
  15. I hope you brother is ok PBC :heart: