Reveal #2...pre Xmas & pre bday goodies!

  1. Hmm, what could they be? :graucho:

  2. :shrugs: ... dagnabit woman SHOW US NOW!!!!!!

  3. All these strip teases lately....I need some $1 bills!!! lmao :roflmfao:
  4. :popcorn: i dont have a headache so strip
  5. waiting
  6. :jammin:
  7. Heeey think I could set up a fund for that to fund my LVs? lol :smile:
  8. hmmm... here's a stab in the dark: a pair of shoes, a Zippy wallet and a bag... im thinking Mirage Musette..... the wait is a killer.... i'll have my turn one day :graucho:
  9. shoes a wallet and a bag of some sort...
  10. pumps, tiovoli pm and a zippy wallet
  11. Here goes! Sorry the pics aren't really up to standard, wonder what's wrong with my camera these days.

    Gold Suhali Zippy
    Finally decided to get one after all. Think it'll go well with a lot of my bags :smile:

    Azalee Opentoe slingbacks
    They are too cute to pass up on! And lucky me, there was my size!


    And surprise, surprise!
    The Sacoche MM!!!! :drool:

    R0010807_1.JPG R0010816_1.JPG R0010805_1.JPG
  12. :nuts: congrats on scoring the Soana Sacoche!!! now we have two bags in common ;) fantastic purchases as per usual :tup:

    btw: is the Sacoche making a comeback? or is this a remnant from last Spring?
  13. Are you Carrie Bradshaw by any chance?

    Nice haul.
  14. haha 1 1/2 out of 3, not bad :p
    The Musette is still available it seems, not such a lost cause yet :smile:
  15. OMG !! I love ALL of them !! :yahoo:

    Congrats !!