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  1. I purchased a Speedy 25 about 3 months ago. I had all of the vachetta replaced. The bag cost me 315.00. The repair cost 540.00.

    Here are my before and after pictures
    236792F7-613A-4725-8EE5-B029EAB70EF4.jpeg B6BC17BF-A32B-41B5-9276-690E23BF252F.jpeg
    6708D4FB-8680-44D1-8FB9-DE1AB937AFC1.jpeg C543112B-9270-4C24-823D-229D9273E263.jpeg 07A35A41-0258-4058-9D05-05D8BFC2DB5F.jpeg
    BE9748BA-5470-440E-B973-F784D2F79D70.jpeg D6D5A417-B7CD-49E7-AEB1-9E976389DEAA.jpeg
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  2. Wow that canvas is beautiful especially with the new vachetta! Congrats!
  3. 540+315= 855. A new speedy 25 is $1000. A new one is only $145 more plus tax. Just curious why you didn’t just purchase a new one. Just looking for a vintage bag with the old thicker canvas?
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  4. It’s beautiful. But I would’ve paid the extra 145 for a new one. But that’s just me. Unless of course 1987 means something to you.

    Enjoy your newly refurbished bag. It’s beautiful.
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  5. I was born in 1987. I wanted one from my year of birth that was made in France. It wasn’t about saving money at all.
  6. I was born in 1987 and I wanted a classic bag from that year. It wasn’t about saving money. I also don’t like the newer puffy chaps.
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  7. I asked if 1987 meant something to you as to why you didn’t want to spend 145 for a new one. No need to get defensive. Enjoy your bag.
  8. Looks great! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy!!
  9. I’m not getting defensive. I was just telling you the importance of 1987. I’m sorry if it came off that way. I was just sharing and replying.
  10. good for you! hope you love it!
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  11. u weren't defensive.
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  12. What a great story and bag! Enjoy!
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  13. Oh that makes it special. Congrats! Also good to know they repair older items. For some reason I thought there was a limit of like 20 years, but probably not on the speedy since they are still in production.
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  14. Beautiful! My opinion is it was worth it especially the older bags have thicker better quality canvas.
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  15. Beautiful and special bag, congratulations!