Reveal: 12A Timeless Tote (Grand Shopping)

  1. the tote looks so good on you. Do you happen to know the dimension of it? Thanks!
  2. You look really great with it~!!
  3. Allee, I haven't worn it out yet. I'm ok with the magnetic close. I think a little pressure to open it is fine, that means it shuts tight. At the store when displayed, the SA puts the chain inside the bag. I thought of storing it that way but I'm concerned that it might cause a "gap" later on so I just wrapped the chain with tissue and didn't put it inside the bag. About bending the top over time, I guess we'll find out :p

    Have you worn yours? Did you tell DH already? ;) Btw, I saw the new pics you posted and you look great!
  4. Thank you for the kind words. I feel so welcome here.:hugs:

    btw, the width and height of the bag is very close to the dimensions of the Vogue magazine in the photo I took. The depth I have to measure.
  5. I wonder if this is still available
  6. Me to dose anyone know x
  7. it's definitely in the Chanel store now. Just saw it in red.
  8. Would you mind sharing which store? In US?? TIA
  9. Love this bag! Looks like it will keep its shape and the handle can be double or single. Price is great too!
  10. I think it was Chanel Beverly hills, California
  11. Me like! I wonder what other colors besides black and red.
  12. So beautiful!! Now I'm interested in one of these!
  13. Congrats! The bag looks great on you and looks so versatile!
  14. Anyone have the code and price please I love it and if I can still get it I excited
  15. Sorry I got the code. That's how excited I am. X