Reveal: 12A Red Caviar Kisslock Clutch

  1. Hi Pursebop! I wasn't even going to post a reveal if it weren't for your post in your thread about sharing pictures of the clutch, so thanks for suggesting that.

    Yes, I love the bag and shoes. I am especially crazy about the shoes as not only is the a gorgeous red, but the quilted caviar is gorgeous (vs. the usual quilted lamb Chanel does). Should we get a backup pair? Surely our bags will outlast one one pair of flats? I know, it's an odd thing to do, but I have actually done that before (buying a backup pair). Hmmm... thinking.. might have to call James before the red flats sell out.

    Please keep enabling us with your next reveal! What will it be?
  2. Perfect match!!
  3. yey another ReD :yahoo: :love:congratz! d yellow is :tup: :tender:
  4. Like this matchy stuff!
  5. Thank you... we are both in the red club!
  6. Thanks, and yes, as you can tell, I like to match. Some folks don't like to do the matchy thing, but I find that whatever I wear, if I have a bag and shoe that match, it somehow makes things look put together.
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    I think it can work in case of these Chanel flats because lines on shoes are so clean...I'm not usually a fan of too much matchy either, but I somehow think it really looks very classic here:biggrin:

  8. Willeyi I'm so glad you did the reveal, very pleased if I had a part in inspiring you:ghi5:

    As for a second pair...hmmmmmmmmmm:wondering
    I have done this before in black louboutins.hehe;)

    and as for a new reveal, here's hoping I get to take a break for a bit!
  9. Congrats on your first reveal, i had never considered yellow until i saw the 12c yellow but reisisted somehow. Gorgeous bags!!! Kisslock is my favorite style in clutch it holds so much!
  10. one of my fav clutch~!!
  11. They are beautiful. Love your match shoes with the clutchs. Congratulation!
  12. Love both the red n yellow!
  13. Beautiful.Congrats
  14. Hi, thanks again to all for the kind words.

    A couple TPFers have PM me inquiring about price, so I thought I would share this info in the thread since this forum is about sharing our finds, and it's not tacky in this sense to ask.

    The kisslock clutch is $1900.00, and red ballet flats are $725.00.
    Oh, and my bag is Made in France.

    Hope this helps.
  15. Gorgeous! I have never considered yellow until I saw your reveal!
    Your red clutch and ballet flat are to die for! I want a 12a red bag now!