Reveal 12A Chevron Flap

  1. Thanks for the interior pics!!:flowers: I love how much it can fit in addition to your long wallet.:tup:
  2. I can see it making a crease if I try to stuff the bag with too much.
  3. Thanks. I was afraid of that as I have another seasonal flap in soft calfskin that forms a crease too.
  4. Congrats.
  5. Lovely! She's a keeper!
  6. Its beautiful, very classy!
  7. I love this bag. I'm thinking of getting this but I was wondering if it scratches easily and if it's high maintenance? Thanks.
  8. Congrats Looks great on you! Gorgeous piece, and very classic! I have been eyeing a chevron for a while but wanted to start with classic flaps. I also prefer leather lining but may just go for one! Will this be too short for crossbody? I am about 5 feet. TIA
  9. saw this beautiful chevron bag here and hope that they will make one with caviar someday in the future
  10. Oooo is this part of this season?!?! I haven't seen it in stores yet but I want to try it on!!!
  11. This thread is 2 years old.

  12. Just for reference, I spotted this at Chanel 2 hrs ago... Also comes in black, maroon and grey!😁

  13. Derp didn't see that the thread is 2 years old.
  14. Hi There - See my recent thread "Chevron Flap?" - pic of this season's chevron flap in black included... :smile:
  15. I noticed that you're in Canada! Which Chanel did you see it at? I want my hands on it now haha!