Reveal 12A Chevron Flap

  1. Oh. Does e bag come in a bigger size?
  2. I felt the same way you did, plus the price was perfect. I just have too many black bags. Congrats and love the earring.
  3. South Coast Plaza Chanel
  4. Perfect thank you very much
  5. Gorgeous! I love chevron flap. Can we see modeling pics, please? Thanks!
  6. Thank you for the comments! I will post modeling pix tomorrow. Stay tuned!
  7. yup, there is a larger version as well. Check the 12A intel thread in the shopping subforum for more info. :smile:
  8. Great bag! I am thinking of the same size but in dk red! In the larger size it might be a little bit too slouchy as the interior is fabric. But in the size you have it is a gem! Can't wait for your mod pics!!!
  9. I have been dying to find those earrings! Where did you find them? I have called probably 10 stores looking for them!
  10. Just saw your post about South Coast Plaza! I am calling them first thing in the am! Enjoy your lovely purchases!!
  11. Congrats! I like the size and space inside looks very roomy and it seems quite structured even if interior is made of fabric. Would really love to see Mod pics too! Btw is this make d lamb skin?
  12. very nice!
  13. Thks bluekit. I saw Tat thread 
  14. Hey, thanks! Did they only have it in black?
  15. Yay for you! The chevron is a winner for fall! I am definitely getting one. I am dying to see what the blue and green look like before I decide which one to get! Congrats and can't wait to see your modeling pics!