Revamped Mulberry website!

  1. Fellow Mulberry tPFers

    Did y'all notice the revamped Mulberry website? They have models with the bags now and it does give you a better perspective on what the bags would look like worn (and some dressing ideas). But I wish they stated somewhere the height of the models (I assume they are all at least 5'8"!)
  2. Is this an adorable key chain or what?
  3. Thanks for the heads up! Went straight there and checked - love the new site! Esp. the lookbook with modelling pics - love, love, love the chocolate shearling brynmore messenger... And the mini bayswater keyring is adorable - I'm hoping it will come in black later on!
  4. I looked yesterday and it was still the same. Will check today to see if the UK site has changed.
  5. Boooooo, I can no longer access from work :sad: I don't have the latest version of Flash and we're not allowed download stuff :rolleyes: I hate sites that are built in Flash - you can't copy the pictures easily :p

    Can't wait to get home and have a look now :drool:
  6. I love the keyring but £59!!!Wow!!!
  7. The new website is great - especially for all the non-UK Mulberry lovers! More pictures with bags in action!!! :tup: On this forum there have been discussions about Mulberry's different kinds of leather. I just found out that under "Customer Services" they now have a section called "Materials and Care Advice" where you can find pictures of all the leathers, descriptions of their characteristics and - of course - the care advice. Pretty useful!

  8. Thanks now off to have a look.
  9. Love the new website, there are many more styles than I thought they had. If only I could use all my Christmas money on myself!!!
  10. Ooh, thanks for this - just off to check it out..
  11. Annie's back - yay! Time to start saving my pennies for the black one, I think :wlae:
  12. Much better !!!! Wish you could go to modelling pics when looking at the bags in the shopping section as the 'lookbook' is a bit limited.
  13. Thanks for the heads up on that,have just had a good ol' hunt round on it and yes,loads more styles than i thought,Annie is still current,so maybe an olive one at the outlets could have my name on it if it exists! Can you imagine how divine that would be!?

    Checked out the sizes of the new styles agaist the Roxy and Elgin,and there are some very useful sizes in the new offerings.

    And if I'm alone in this I don't care,the Julie Verhoeven stuff is just pig-ugly to me!!! Its so not me,and not what I would expect from Mulberry who have always touted much more classic styles,YUK!!! Sorry if I've offended anyone,but out here in Cheshire you would see a late 50's lady wot lunches carrying one of those.....shudder!!!!(late 50's ladies round here are such a style by-passed lot!!!! thats why I'm clearing off back to Manchester as soon as funds are in place,we're looking at houses already,so not too long now.............................................Hello sanity!!!!!!!!!!):tdown:

    And the Lobster keyring made me laugh,looks like a cockroach on drugs!!!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Quite liked the big ring pull,thought that was quite pop-art till I saw the price and who it was by!!! If it went in the sales I would still nab one though,would look supa-cool on a black bag:tup:

    And loving the new roll sheet veiwing,makes it so much easier to add to your wish list and mentally spend all your,(or dh's) money!!!Fab!!!
  14. Not to be harping on about Annies *again* however:

    Am I going mad or were the Annies reduced last Christmas (30% off) and then taken off the website so we all assumed they were discontinued?

    The fact that they're back on makes me think that they might be getting reduced after Christmas as there are those regulations that state that sale items must be on sale for full price for a certain period prior to being reduced. Hopefully they'll be 50% off this time and I just have to try and find £300 from somewhere :idea: eBay!!
  15. Woah - loving that!