Reva Style Flats at Payless


Apr 6, 2007
Have any of you seen these? I saw some flats at Payless today that are a knock-off of the Tory Burch style, except of course these were not leather. They even have the same style ornament on the vamp.

I have never seen the real Revas in person so I tried on a pair and they were very comfortable! and only $19.99.
I'm always surprised to see shoe (and handbag) brands that are copies of a designer product. But, then, they are not counterfeit as they are not using the designer's name, so I suppose it's legal.

I'm a shoe snob but I'm awfully hard on my shoes and they look beat up in no time. Perhaps I should consider buying cheaper brands!


May 2, 2007
Every has a version of the TB Reva's including Juicy, Nine West, and Aldo! I bought the TB Reva's in November and I'm using it for every penny it is worth! I think I've worn it atleast once a week since I first got them! I carry them around in my purse & use them whenever my feet need a break from my work pumps. If you don't want the Reva's you should find a similiar pair that is leather