Reuters report says: LVMH is sueing eBay!

  1. I am glad that LVMH is finally doing something about all the fakes BUT, IMO they (LVMH) should have joined VERO a long, long time ago and started "policeing" the auctions themselves instead of relying on people like us recognizing them and reporting them.

    Here is the excerpt:

    PARIS, Sept 20 (Reuters) - French luxury goods firms Louis Vuitton and Dior Couture have filed a claim for 37 million euros ($47 million) against eBay (EBAY.O: Quote, Profile, Research) saying the online auction house does not do enough to combat the sale of counterfeit goods, Le Monde reported on Wednesday.
    The newspaper said the claim, lodged with the commercial court of Paris, says 90 percent of Dior and Vuitton-branded goods sold via eBay in the second quarter were fakes.
    Louis Vuitton is owned by LVMH (LVMH.PA: Quote, Profile, Research). Dior Couture is owned by LVMH's parent company, Christian Dior (DIOR.PA: Quote, Profile, Research). Both companies are chaired and controlled by French financier Bernard Arnault.
    No one at LVMH or the commercial court could immediately confirm the report. Shares in LVMH and Christian Dior were little changed at around midday in Paris.

    Marc Antoine Jamet, a senior executive at LVMH, told Reuters last month that French industry association Unifab planned to file a claim versus eBay and other auction sites alleging they did not do enough to combat counterfeiting.
    It was not immediately clear if the LVMH and Dior claim was related to the planned Unifab case.
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  3. GOOD. I hope they win!!! Counterfeit bags fund other illegal activities, and eBay has been looking the other way for years, and YET profiting from it!
  4. NIIICEEEE that would mean no more fakes!! WHOhOOo!!!!!:drinkup::party::drinks::yahoo:
  5. I wish Fendi would sue Ebay, too!
  6. I think it's great! BUT...maybe they should start providing better authentication services and be more aggressive. I hear Coach is pretty good at this and Chanel too.
  7. Good! I am so sick of Fake bags! UGH
  8. Hopefully this will make Ebay think twice about those hundreds of Vuitton auctions that they KNOW are fake and just don't care about.
  9. :happydance:Finally!!'s about time!:happydance: :busted....Ebay, it's time to pay the piper.
  10. Don't blame eBay people. EBay can't give 2 $hits about EVERY item that gets put on eBay or else anyone listing an item would have to wait 2 weeks at best to have their item listed.:wtf:

    This just is not feasible.:cursing:

    LV should instead seek to work in coordination with eBay because then they will help to mitigate the problem. :supacool:

    Fakes are being sold everywhere and it's not because of eBay but because of terrorists and just people who think they aren't doing anything illegal.:yucky:

    Just don't shoot the messenger b/c eBay does not = Fakes. Really it's the fakers taking advantage of a system that's been put in place.:hysteric:

    LV should work harder toward shutting down places in China Town, NYC, places outside of Milan, Shen Zhen - China, and the like. It's like shooting the drug dealer, but really that doesn't stop the producers from producing.:yes:

  11. I agree. As I stated in at the top of the thread, LVMH should have followed Chanel's (et al.) lead and initiated the eBay's VERO resource. That way, they (LVMH) have a dedicated department, in charge of finding and shutting down the auctions within minutes of them posting. I think that they (LVMH) have dropped the ball too, so to speak.
  12. :yahoo: and I DO blame Ebay. They used to pull auctions at any hint of a fake. The last few years 95% or more of the bags are fake. Ebay is providing a vast online site for fraud and they are well aware of it an do nothing. I agree that the manufacturers need to do their fair share, but so does fraudBay. They leave auctions up even when they are told that the pictures in one auction were stolen from an authentic auction. It's not rocket science, Ebay can easily check the previous auction and see that the pictures are the same. :cursing:
  13. Everyone should buy on eluxury or on to avoid problems.
  14. eeh. yay. celebration ^_^
  15. I hope they win!