Reusable Grocery Store Tote with Designer Handbags

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  1. I live in a city that requires reusable grocery bags for shopping. I typically use cloth bags purchased from the local organic co-op for my grocery shopping (PCC grocery, if anyone else is from Seattle). However, I am wondering if there are any reusable, washable grocery totes that have some fashion to them. My daily handbag is either a Chanel boy bag, Hermes JPG or LV Empreinte Montaigne BB, so that is a sense of my style. Any ideas?
  2. Last time in WA, was told needed to pay extra to have items in paper sacks.

    I sort of had 1 of my famous "Oh, h€ll no," moments.
    And bought a plastic cooler.
    Then used that for whole trip.

    "Ring up the stuff in my ugly, huge cooler. Which I've dragged into your shop. And am wheeling around in this cart. Because I refuse to buy your sacks."
    Donated it before flying home.

    Cooler = fashion tragic.
    But, my handbag was awesome. ;)
  3. Kate Spade has a few
  4. There are really cute whimsical ones on Etsy.
  5. I carry a baggu with me at all times. It's come in handy more times that I can count and yet folds up nicely without taking up too much space.
  6. I hate plastic bags and wouldn't mind if they cost 5€. Any canvas bag is fine in my books, and doesn't make anyone look stupid or unstylish. You could try Etsy or Amazon for a more personalized piece if you don't feel comfy carrying something with an ad on it.

    I always take a Ticket To Heaven tote with me when I go shopping and on trips - it's black with taupe sides (so it looks okay), made of parachute silk (so weighs close to nothing), huge in size and can carry 30kg, folds into a teeny pouch (so fits in every handbag). It also has a five year guarantee. I bought mine 7 yrs ago and it's still as good as new. The best 5€ I ever spent! :tup:
  7. When I am doing groceries by car I take an L.L.Bean tote with me - my oldest one is from 2001 and still going strong! In my handbag I carry an Anya Hindmarch dustbag that is designed like a tote. Haven't been using plastic bags for years now...

  8. Thanks for the ideas, ladies. I have found a few cute ones with your suggestions. I saw someone with a bag for groceries that was a canvas and leather combo (of course not washable then) that was very cute, but the canvas, somewhat structured ones from baggu might be similar and would still be washable.
  9. Envirosax has many patterns to choose from and are machine washable. Lots of ladies in the Hermes forum use them.
  10. Was also going to suggest Envirosax. I always have one or two in my bag. And you can use it for your bag itself in the event of rain!
  11. My vote goes to Baggu too! I have several of their nylon bags, always carry one in my handbag and bring several for grocery shopping (I'm in Seattle too so I know what it's like). I also have one of their larger canvas totes for the beach, and some zip pouches for easy organizing. Might be a Baggu addict... A couple of my nylon bags are several years old and still going strong!
  12. I like them as they are washable; I see people in the grocery store putting food in these dingy, well-used dirty canvas bags yuck. But maybe I'm too sensitive.

  13. I think I will get one of each of the baggu and envirosax and see which works best. I like the look of the baggu more, but envirosax has a crossbody version which seems comfortable for heavy groceries.

  14. No, I'm the same way. If you're gonna eat what's been in the bag, the bag better be clean!