Reuniting with my LVs and New Duomo This Week!

  1. As some of you know I'm moving from Texas to Alberta - Calgary - well that's this week LOL .. a month late as this is a transfer with Hubby's work and they decided to keep him an extra month in Houston after we already got our new place in Calgary, etc.

    Well all my LVs are already in Calgary, I brought them up when we were house hunting in early February and left them with some close friends, so the movers wouldn't deal with them - we moved here from Calgary 15 years ago. So I haven't seen my LVs for almost 2 months now :sad: ... I thought it was only going to be a couple of weeks at the time... also when I was visiting the LV store up there they invited me to a PSN night at their Holt Renfrew Location, but then couldn't make it since the move was delayed, but they let me take advantage of it, so DH bought me a Duomo via Fax LOL - so they have it for me waiting and I'll get it upon my arrival YAY and a gift certificate for the PSN night promotion!!!!! (I did keep my Groom Cles with me because he is too cute and makes me smile!)!

    I got the Duomo as my Bday present as well so since today is my bDay I will be looking at all the great pictures you guys posted of your Duomos for me on the previous threads while I was shopping and asking about capacity and stuff LOL and dreaming about my bag .. oh I also got a Hermes bracelet on the weekend that is soooo cool .. but thats on a Hermes thread :smile:

    Anyway, as usually I make long posts :rolleyes: , I appologize but cant help it LOL -- I will miss you :heart: all for a while, :crybaby: one thing I have about long distance moves is they can't really tell me how long it will take for my stuff to arrive, so we'll probably disconnect the computers tonight, packers pack up everything tomorrow, movers come and load up the next day, we fly out on Friday and wait 4 - 14 days for our stuff to arrive LOL :sweatdrop: crap! so it may be over 2 weeks before I can get my computer back and will be having major tPF withdrawals! But I will be reaquainted with my LVs, and sporting my new Duomo around Calgary during that time :smile: My 2 cats get to fly with us, they both will be under the seat at our feet .. fun day for kitties! LOL not.

    LVoe you all - be back with you from The Great White North once I'm reconnected and have furniture LOL.


    I love Penguins!
  2. Happy Birthday! Hope your move is a smooth one. Congrats on your Duomo too. I sure love mine!
  3. Happy Birthday, safe move and can't wait until you are back in the PF action!
    My mom loves penquins too!:heart:
  4. Happy Birthday and Have a Safe Move!
  5. Hope you have a great birthday and an easy move!
  6. Happy birthday and make sure to take piucture of Duomo when you can
  7. Happy Birthday! I wish you a very smooth move!
  8. Happy Birthday and good luck with your move! Congrats on your new bag.
  9. Happy Birthday, Vista! Hope your move is safe and smooth. I know you'll be back to TPF soon! LV on the road again. I love the penguins!
  10. Happy Birthday!!! :party:

    Good luck on the move and congrats on your Duomo and Hermes bracelet!
  11. Good Luck with the move Don't be gone too long (even if means sneeking out to cyber cafes!!)
  12. Happy Birthday!! Hope your move is a smooth one.
  13. Happy Birthday!!! and I hope everything goes smoothly with your move!!
  14. Happy birthday! Hope your move goes well!
  15. happy B-Day & a safe, uneventful move to you :smile: