Reunion photos

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  1. Just wanted to share a picture of the H bags (some of) in my family.

  2. gorgeous bags. so colorful! is that a BJ or turquoise Birkin? i love its color.
  3. Gorgeous! They look so nice together:yes:
  4. Hi Scarlett, that's BJ... it does look a bit turquoisey tho in the fotos:confused1:
  5. Please post the details of your Kelly....all of them are gorgeous, but this is my fav!
  6. WOW! They look absolutely gorgeous in this reunion photo! I am pleasantly surprised by your newest tri-colour HAC, archangel. It's looks fab here!
  7. frenchie, that's a sellier vert anis togo kelly with brown stitching... she belongs to my sis who prefer kellies to birkins..
  8. That Kelly is screaming at me!!!

    HOT HOT HOT!!!
  9. HOT is right!
  10. Wow! Wow! Wow!......what eye candy, Archangel! Beautiful family you got there!!!!
  11. OMG!!! I LOVE all the colors!!!:love: Thank you for sharing!!!
  12. Oh archangel, you have made my day! Thanks so much for posting your bright and cheerful collection!
  13. So pretty! :flowers:
  14. That is a beautiful set!
  15. Love it, thanks for posting!!
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