1. I Just Re-read The Posts On Buying Too Much At Coach, But What About Returns? Do They Ever Complain About Returns With Receipts? I Have Made Several With Receipts Because I Cannot Decide What I Really Want To Keep. THESE ARE UNUSED AND WITH TAGS STILL ATTACHED.
  2. Some stores can ban you from returning too much. Not sure the exact reasoning behind it if it's just cause it's wasting their resources or what not but retails stores do that. Not sure about Coach though.
  3. You can't return more than 3 times a month w/out a receipt otherwise you will recieve a letter stating for any returns you must have a receipt.
  4. I know I'd heard that people have been banned from buying Coach permanently because of too many returns. I don't know how true it is though.
  5. Do the returns stay in the system under your name forever or do they clear it out monthly/quarterly/yearly whatever? Just wondering because I've made a couple receipt-less returns before and was wondering exactly when/how many. I didn't know this!
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    if they would actually have stuff in stock, they wouldn't have to order it and have me find out i don't like it! lol.
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  8. I'm not sure about Coach in particular, but I do remember reading an article about after Christmas retail returns...
    It said that if you don't have a receipt, the stores usually ask for some sort of ID to keep track of the returns you have made at that and other stores. The concern was fraud, people returning things to a store that they had never bought from, so they would make a profit. That's problem the reason it would be an issue for Coach, so I would suggest bringing in a receipt whenever you possibly could (obviously not always an option). I wouldn't think returns with receipts would be a problem, but who knows..
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