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  1. Sorry if there is another thread already explaining this but I can't find it! I purchased a Black Forest bays from a mulberry store in London last weekend. I am in two minds and not sure i will use it as much as I would want. What are the returns options? I cannot go in store as I do not live near London. Can I return it through the post?
  2. call the store and tell them you want to return it. they will give you the address etc so you can return by post.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Welcome to the forum Kiren,

    Here's the info from Mulberry:

    As you bought instore, the distance selling rules don't apply so you may be offered vouchers rather than a refund.....

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    Hi, what are the store's return policies please? I bought a french wallet 2 days ago but changed my mind because it is still not quite compact. I found a Bottega mini wallet at the airport and now i have 2 new wallets. Can i return the french wallet at a different store? Thanks
  6. Details should be on the reverse of your receipt. If not you can contact customer services who will advise:
    Tel: 01761 234 273

  7. Thank you for your reply. I've emailed them and they said i have 28 days