1. I just had a quick question...

    If I bought a bag in April or May, and I have NEVER used it and the tags are still attached, can I return it to the Coach Store? Most likely I will get something else. It is just collecting dust in my closet. What do you guys think?

    Any SAs know if this is okay?

  2. I believe so. If you don't have the receipt, I think you'll get store credit at the lowest sale price.
  3. I do have my reciept... so, the return should be okay?
  4. ^Absolutely - if the tags are on and you have the receipt you'll have no problems at all! :yes:
  5. yes, it'll be fine. there is no timeline for returns on coach yet..
  6. should be fine...i returned my sunglasses from last pce yesterday....
  7. Thanks everyone! :smile: