1. I bought the perforated satchel yesterday but now I am having second thoughts about it :push:. I think it is a really pretty bag but it is a little on the small side and it is very stiff. The problem is I was too quick to cut the tags off of it. Will the boutique let me return it if the tags have been cut off?? Of course I still have the tags and I have the receipt. What is their policy? Exchange only if the tags have been removed, complete refund, or no return at all? Of course I will just get another bag, maybe the shoulder tote.
  2. Okay... I don't work at Coach and I don't honestly know the "correct" answer...

    My thinking is... if you just purchased it the day before, they are more then likely going to remember you? So it shouldn't be a problem if the tags are off... there a number if items in Coach that don't even have the tag attached, just stuck inside alot of times... So if you have your receipt & all of the tags, etc., especially if you are just thinking of exchanging - I think you should be fine?

    Let's see what others say too! :smile:
  3. Yes. Coach has a very flexible return policy. You should be completely fine.
  4. I would say since you just bought it you should be fine
  5. I ordered from and cut the tag off of a Chelsea Optic Satchel, after seeing all the fake ones I said no more sigs for me! I took it to my closest 70 mile away Coach store and asked if I could return it (with receipt) of course. The SA did a quick look at the outside and inside. And, I noted to her that I did cut the tag off she said "we'll worry about that later!" and got a refund!