Returns to elux... do I have to send the box, too?

  1. Am getting my items ready to return to elux and I realized how much I love the LV boxes! Do I have to send those back, too???? What would they do if I 'forgot' to send them?? :angel:
  2. Yep, you have to send everything the way it was sent to you, or else you wont get the refund.
  3. That's what I figured... :biggrin:

  4. hehe I would be thinking the same thing!
  5. to be honest, I dont think they'll care if you send back the box or not. if you have another box to subsitute the LV box with, just use it. I wouldnt ship it back in just the dustbag in the box because you might be held responsible for any damages that can occur.

    try asking a rep. through eluxury livehelp chat thing but I'm sure they're not going to send back your package if you didnt ship it back in the LV box.
  6. :angel: I returned a bag once and kept the box...

  7. :lol:
  8. i always keep the boxes... even return in store or eluxury... keep the box...
  9. You know, when I bought my Keepall 55, not only did I not get a box, I didn't get a damn dustbag either.

    To be honest, I felt like LV owed me SOMETHING for that. :P

  10. I never send the boxes back. 1) I like the boxes; 2) I don't want to pay extra for the added weight :P I don't think they really care as long as the bag is in perfect condition.
  11. I wish I'd known this! When I exchanged one of my Speedies cause it had a damage on the zipper pull, I sent everything back. They reshipped a new one to me but in a smaller box - my Speedy was folded and squished in it!!!
  12. Hey thanks everybody! I am sending small items back and think I WILL keep the boxes... :graucho: