Returns to a Chloe boutique

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  1. Hi! I'm new here, and I'm dying for a Paddington. I've preordered one from Nieman Marcus but it likely won't be shipped until around the end of February. A week or two ago, I called Chloe NY and was faxed an order form. On there, it said that they will not do refunds, only replacement merchandise or store credit. Is this policy the same for the new Chloe boutique that opened? I can't imagine I won't love the bag, but never having seen one in person, it does make me a little nervous to spend that much money without the possibility of being able to return it.
  2. Really? I guess that means my paddington is a for sure bag!!! IT ALWAYS WAS!!!!:lol: Can't wait for my WHISKEY!!!!:love: But seriously, it sucks for those who are unsure.
  3. I know you can return merchandise to Neimans, or any of the other department stores.

    If you are unsure you may want to call the SC Plaza store and check their return policy or just wait for Neimans to have in stock.

    Although, most of us love our paddys more when we actually see them; so, I doubt you would want to return yours - and it stinks to have to wait for something you really want.
  4. Hmmmm ... this "policy" seems to be the modus operandi with a lot of the Designer Shops now ... Balenciaga does the same thing. Not only do you have to "pre-purchase" the item, but when you get it and don't like it --> TFB ... you're stuck with it.

    I guess they figure that you can always sell it on the "open" market (e.g., eBay). Can't say that I'm a fan of this policy ...
  5. I've checked w/ Chloe at SC Plaza...same policy :evil:
  6. Yikes! They're not very customer friendly, huh? :evil:
  7. I would make sure you absolutely love the bag first, and also that you have a good SA at the boutique that will make sure there isnt anything wrong with the bag. I got screwed with one of these policies.

    I bought the bag but had to exchange it twice due to bad merchandise, then they said that I could only get one more bag and if that one had problems well thats too bad. This is probably a rare situation, but it can happen.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I figured SCP would have the same policy as well. What to do? I want it, and don't want to wait, but...

    Noriko, that's scary having to return a defective bag twice.
  9. Have you checked ? They have a great selection and great shipping; I got my paddy from them in 2 days and you can return merchandise as long as you don't remove their "tag".
  11. I purchased my paddy from Chloe store in South Coast Plaza. 7-day for color change or store credit only. I guess they can do this since the bag is so hot!!!!!

  12. i agree. i would never shell out so much money on a bag i haven't even seen in person.