1. I was just on the phone and ordered my Mini lin speedy.

    I asked what the return was on it, just because I've not see this bag in person. I was told 14 days for FULL refund and 30 for exchange.

    But if i return the bag to another store *IE* boutique in Holt's I can only exchange it.

    WHY ? has anyone else had this experience?
  2. I'm sure you will love it
  3. At my store, it has always been 14 days for refund.

    Not understanding your question - are you saying the return policy is one thing at one store and different at another?
  4. if you feel 14 days is a bit too short for the return policy, try to get the bag from Saks, it's 60 days for return/exchange! ^_^
  5. YES, If i return my bag to the holts store but purchased it through the bloor st store, holts can only do an exchange
  6. I'm in Canada no Saks here:crybaby:
  7. Standard return policy is 14 days for full refund and 30 days for exchange and store credit.
    If LV is located in a department store the manager may change the policies as they see fit.
  8. ^^^yep, sometimes they will bend the rules a bit if they know you.
  9. only reason i'm concerned is that I dont know how to get downtown TO i'd be lost.
    I can get to yorkdale no issue. But i like the s/a i have downtown.
    Normally when i buy i'm in the store because my b/f takes me there.
  10. i have the MINI LIN and I loved it Hope you will too..can't stop using it the day i got it ...
  11. If you purchase from a boutique, you can only exchange it for something equal or greater if your returning it to a saks with an LV, with the same 14 day return policy.