Returns Question

  1. Sorry if this has been asked before, or if this is a dumb question but I couldn't find any info when I did a search.

    If I want to buy a new bag off of eBay, which the seller bought at a department store, which has the Dept store tags, (Dept store is not in my State) if I don't like it for some reason will Coach accept an exchange?
  2. Are you asking whether you can return the bag to a Coach store? If so, the answer is "no". You can only return items bought at a Coach boutique or outlet to a Coach store.
  3. Thank you, can purchases be returned to a store?
  4. yes!
  5. Yes, if you buy it from or any Coach store it can be returned at any Coach store, unused and tags still attached of course
  6. What if you get a bag off eBay with the Coach store tags still attached? Will Coach give you credit for that bag?
  7. I bought my large denim Carly off e-bay and found it was too huge and heavy for me. It still had the tag so I took it to my boutique and they took it as an exchange or credit. So I got their LAST medium denim Carly, the tortoise keyfob, and the blue patchwork flower charm (that I later returned for credit because I didn't love it).
  8. wow.. how unethical...
  9. *shrugs* I don't think so. It still had original tags and was brand new. Not like they lost money on it. But that's fine for you to think so.
  10. Interesting, do they give you full credit?
  11. I didn't ask for a credit, just an exchange... so I'm not quite sure.
  12. I don't think it's unethical either, although my BF does. The original owner paid Coach for the bag, and I'm not getting cash from it, just credit. So, Coach doesn't really lose anything. It's just like if the original owner were to exchange it. Or am I totally missing something here? I guess if the guy who sold it to me stole it or something.......
  13. Let's say you bought a medium belted leather ergo hobo BNWT for 120 off of eBay. You get it and decide that it's not your style so you take it to the coach store for an exchange. You then pick out the medium sig carly that is 348. They give you a price of 328(because that's how much the ergo is retail) Therefor you only pay 20 dollars out of pocket instead of 228. Uh yeah, this is completely unethical. If you can live with yourself, sure go ahead, but I could never do that. To each her own I suppose. Also, you are not the original buyer and you didn't pay full price for that bag, they did. That's why I don't like this situation.
  14. ^^yup, yup...but some people have consciences i guess
  15. You know, it's fine. Everyone is entitled to their thoughts and opinions. This is the Internet and nothing that's said on here affects me because I know that whatever is said, I just think about how that person doesn't know the least bit about me in real life so whatever that's written on-line by strangers really does means squat. It's all just opinions, and everyone is entitled to them.