returns policy on store sale items - is this right?

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  1. I'm confused.

    I am on holiday and sale ends tomorrow so I can't get to a mulberry store.

    I called my local mulberry store and they offered to mail order that lipstick roxanne I wanted.

    I assumed that their returns policy would be the same as the outlets on mail order items - 7 day cooling down period and a refund can be issued.

    However the SA said no, it would only be an exchange on a sale item, no refund.

    This happened this morning and all day i've been wondering if this should be right.

    I'm not prepared to paid nearly £500 on a bag I haven't seen the actual one and not be able to get a refund if i'm not happy.

    Also, if I don't buy it, the sale will end and this roxy won't be available.

    Advise please!!!
  2. It is definitely NOT right. It might be there policy for items bought in-store, but the law states that you have 7 days for items bought sight unseen.
    How on earth could they even justify that if you have not seen the bag?
    The rules are clearly laid out in the Distance Selling Regulations. No refund....breaking the law.

    The law is on your side, if you don't like the bag and they refuse a refund, PM me. My sis is a solicitor and deals with this all day and she loves a challenge. :biggrin:

    However it could just be that they don't do many mail outs from that store and they don't know the rules.
  3. Thanks lady cornflake, I was sure that was right as i'd heard you mention this on the forum before.
  4. tiree, harvey nichs in london had a few lipstick roxys, i wouldn't buy sight unseen unless u can get a full refund. as far as i know all sale items bought directly from mulberry can only be refunded for vouchers or exchanged.
  5. lady cornflake if thats right, how come miu miu have such a strict no refund policy even on non sale items?
  6. Anything bought over the internet is eligible for a refund within 7 days. Anything. I can expect that some brands try their luck, but as soon as you tell them you know your rights, they should give in.
    Even Louis Vuitton give a refund if you buy online, but don't if you buy in the shops.

    About Miu Miu, I returned a purse at the Selfridges concession last year and they were very helpful and did it with a smile. Every SA is different though.
  7. Well, thanks for ladyC a lipstick roxy is on its way to me.

    After reading ladyC's comments I decided to call mulberry back and query it. This time I got a more knowledgeable SA who acknowledged straight away that I would be entitled to a refund on any unseen item.

    Now, samiyak, I have the same concern as you after making miu miu purchases earlier this year, mail order, and being unable to get a refund.
  8. lady C is right - whether anything is in a sale or not is neither here nor there - if you buy something on the internet ot over the phone you are legally entitled to a refund if return within 7 days of receipt. I tried a Smythson clutch, bought over the phone, their dispatch note said no refunds on sale items, but the distance selling 7-day rule overrides that and I was able to get a refund
  9. It just shows how poorly trained some SAs are.
  10. :yahoo:
    Can't wait to see your Roxanne Tiree. Although I thought you had decided on the Bays.
  11. LadyC, I couldn't decide so someone suggested buying both and comparing so that's what I am doing.

    Will post comparison pics when I get back from my hols.
  12. Glad the outcome was favourable Tiree. I'll be looking forward to your decision and pics ;)