Returns nightmare - I've been so stupid!

  1. Bear with me but I just need to offload....!
    On impulse I ordered a Gryson Skye from Bergdorf Goodman's website. I tried to cancel it but too late. When it arrived in the UK there was a whopping customs charge so I refused the parcel.
    I was told it would take 28 days to get it back to the States - about now. I've chased Parcelforce Worldwide and have now been told it's going by sea and will take 3 MONTHS! Oh great, I now have $720 on my credit card for the next 3 months....stupid, stupid me....
    Anyone else really regret any impulsive actions??
  2. OMG that's awful!
    My impulse buy was a fake Mulberry Elgin on e-bay, thought it was the real deal but all the warning signs were there( ie no feedback, paypal not accepted) but I WANTED one!! Bidded £210 on a fake bag that I won't use!!! (trying to make a claim with e-bay)
  3. At the time it seems such a sensible thing to do, doesn't it - it's only afterwards that you realise how daft you've been and wasted all that money.
    I will get my refund eventually and I'm hoping it will make me think twice before I do something like that again!
  4. Lesson learnt by us both!!!
  5. BG's order cancellation system is terrible. I tried to cancel an order which was still "in process" (cancellations must be made during this stage of the ordering process), and it was still sent to me. Had to return it to the flagship store personally, in order to avoid return shipping charges...
  6. OMG I hope they will still credit you after 3 months, have you asked?
  7. Hi BagAngel - Yes I've been in constant email contact with them. Apparently because the bag wasn't a sale item the 30 day policy doesn't apply. I'm getting it in writing though, just in case.....never again!
  8. Aw Sarajane sorry for your nightmare. I never ever now order from the States for this very reason (even if it is theeeee item I want)

    Hope you get your refund sorted!
  9. Just heard back from BG - their refund policy is one year from date of purchase. Thank goodness for that - at this rate it'll be that long before the blasted bag gets back to the USA. UK girlies be warned - be really, really careful about ordering from the States.
  10. I got married once on impulse and believe me, I wish it was only a $720/3 month charge to my credit card account! I'm still paying the price for my impulsive behavior! Boy was I STUPID!:yucky:
  11. Oh oh .. wel I guess that kind of puts things in perspective, an impulse bag purchase in the sceme of things is going to be a mild annoyance and lesson compared to that one.

    Don't fret, it will clear up once they get the bag back - sorrry its such a hassle for you but if you didn't really want it, best you changed your mind.
  12. I am not 100% sure if this will work but you can try to call your credit card company and explain that you returned the item and maybe they can suspend the charge temporarily until they credit your card.
  13. Sorry to hear of your problem. That's happened to me when I've been traveling. Hotels will credit your card but then the $$ doesn't show up for months. Hang in there. It will eventually be back in your pocket!
  14. I'm so sorry for your troubles. I guess we should all think twice before we are so quick to take out our credit cards. I just got ripped off on eBay b/c I wanted a purse so bad. I was stupid, I bought something from a seller with 0 feedback, it took 2 weeks for me to get her package...turns out she didn't ship me the item I won and now she's MIA. So I'm stuck w/her crummy mdse. Thankfully my lesson only cost $118 and I did still get first quailty mdse but I still got stuff I didn't want. I guess my lesson is a cheap one in comparison to everyone elses!! Hang in there hopefully all will turn out all right in the end! :love:
  15. Funny I regretted buying my gryson bag too.. LOL when I decided to return it , it was too late ( past the 30 day return policy at Barneys) also my latest regret is a pink antigua lous vuitton bag.. never taken out of the bag and LV store is completely unsympathetic.. I need to think thru my purchases better.. its really getting costly..
    Bag regret is really not fun......