Returns?? I Need an Enabler!

  1. Hi all,

    I was in chicago for work and realized someone plopped a boutique two blocks from my hotel. So I bought something on my wishlist *just in case* I didn't find anything on my trip to Macy's/Carson's/TJ Maxx tomorrow.

    I can only afford one if I find something I simply MUST have tomorrow, can I return my previous purchase to or anything like that? My closest outlet or boutique is at least 4 hrs away and I'm not planning a trip again soon. I'm assuming I can't return to Macy's, can I??

    Enable me ;) I feel a treasure found tomorrow and I have to justify being able to afford it!
  2. Uhm.... in my experience, you have to return it to a boutique, unfortunately :sad: But you can always sell what you bought on e-bay if you find something better.
  3. What did you buy ? I don't think you can return items bought from Coach to Macy's. They usually mark the items to prevent people from doing that. I like your thinking though ! I say go for it and if you are thinking of returning it for something you might like better, then you probably don't really love your purchase. It might be worth a little extra money to get something you love and will stare at when not wearing it, smell and touch it randomly... I know I am a good enabler ha ha
  4. Tell us what you bought? The suspense is killing me!
  5. Glitter is right, you can't return Coach items bought at Macy's to Coach without being really sneaky; they usually mark Macy's product to prevent retail boutique return.

  6. Oh it's nothing major (hence my willingness to part with it lol). I bought a signature Soho mini wallet, one of those things I WANT that will work with anything else I buy, and since I rarely get the chance to get to a boutique I bought my safe choice, lol. Utilitarian, you know :smile:

    I'm really hoping for a Legacy Shoulder or Hippie and know I'll probably be buying off eBay but you never know what treasures I'll find.
  7. ^^^ You'll definitely want to get something that you'll randomly start staring at and won't be able to keep your eyes off of...I agree!!! I'm like that with my Carly. I'll just put it on my shoulder and stare into the mirror, completely out of the blue. It's sad, but oh so pretty.
  8. I do that with my siggie stripe tote, Lauren; I Just can't stop! Ah, how we love our coach :love:
  9. No, I was actually asking if I could return a Coach boutique bought product to Macy's..not vice versa :smile:
  10. I don't think Macy's will accept a return without a receipt and if they did it would only be for store credit-- and only for an item they carry I'd imagine, if you were sneaky and could get away with it. But, I'm no expert on Macy's. Or Coach for that matter but I try! :love:
  11. My mom thinks I'm NUTS for doing that. She really doesn't understand my obsession and is always saying that she could never justify spending over 100 bucks on a handbag. Yet she has no objections when I buy her Coach stuff for her birthday/mothers day..and every other holiday for that matter!
  12. i dont think you can.. depends on which macys.. my macys if u dont have a receipt ur @$$ed out! u can return it to the distribution center i think... check the website
  13. Here is Coach's return policy, copied from website.

    Where do I send my return?
    We will be glad to refund or exchange any new and unused merchandise. You may return your item(s) to either a Coach Full Price Store or ship your item(s) to our Returns department.

    New, unused Full Price merchandise may be exchanged or returned at any Coach Store with an original Coach receipt or mail order packing invoice.
    New, unused Full Price merchandise may be returned for merchandise credit with a gift receipt.
    New, unused Factory merchandise may be returned for merchandise credit only in Full Price stores with an original Coach receipt or gift receipt.
    Price adjustments on previous purchases are not permitted.
    Purchases made in a Coach store, on, or over the phone may not be returned to Department Stores.
    For locations of our Coach Full Price stores, please visit our online Store Locator .
    For items being sent to our Returns department, please be sure to ship your item by insured, traceable mail. This service is offered by UPS, USPS, and other carriers. Please include a note with your address and daytime phone number along with your instructions and a copy of your sales receipt or packing slip, and send to:
    C O A C H
    Attn: Returns
    One Coach Way
    Jacksonville, Florida 32218 ​