?returns @Gucci store...

  1. got a e-mail from gucci that when you purchase at store -all sales (items) final. I purchased thru store but over phone. But on line 15 day. I mailed return on thurs and they received it Friday, haven't heard from them .anyone know policy? they have not contacted me. I'll have to ck my cc for credit.
  2. what.?? do you mean when purchased online they give you a 15 day return policy?
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  4. I gave my wallet to my sister to return to the Boston store on Friday- I had purchased it online on sale from Gucci.com. I read the return policy for on-line purchases and it said 15 day returns accepted from receipt. In another section, it also said returns could be sent back to Gucci.com or to any store.

    The SA did not accept the return of the wallet, saying that all sales were final. He did say she could return it for store credit- which was a surprise to me b/c when I purchased my bag, he said it was final sale, no returns or credit. She didn't know what to do, so she just left the store. I'm going to be sending it back to Gucci.com this coming week.

    If you made the purchase through a store, even though it was over the phone, I believe it would be final sale. But see if they'll let you return it for store credit and get something else! Good luck, let us know what happens!
  5. I haven't heard from Gucci since returning my tote. This was just this past friday. I know they got it already. I wonder if they will just send me a store credit or if they will send the bag back to me. I hope i'm not stuck with the bag. I was never told all sale items final and i was stupid to ask policy. I'll have to call on monday to check my situation. I'm looking at the black fabric pumps on sale so...or the bag you have ..i should just take a drive to boston, I could hit the lv store.