Returns gone bad, CHECK YOUR RECEIPT

  1. Yea, I know I should have looked at the receipt and I KNOW when he said my total returned was $433 that the voice in my head should have been louder, but...

    I just got home and realized that a purse that I paid $327.30 at the outlet for was refunded for $237.30.

    Now, I live 20 minutes from that outlet and 55 miles from the closest boutique. What if I wasn't willing to drive back to get this fixed????

    I called and spoke to a manager that stated next time I was in to bring both receipts so the could credit me the difference. However, if I still lived 200 miles from the closest Coach outlet in TX I would be livid right now.

    So, although it may seem like common sense to anyone but me, check your receipts carefully before you walk out of the door!
  2. Yea, one time they rang up an extra bag! I definitely recommend checking the receipt before you leave.
    Glad you caught the mistake!
  3. sorry that happened to you :tdown: Can't they just credit your card over the phone, or was it cash?
  4. Definately check your reciept and bag. They seem to making a lot of mistakes and quality control isn't checking the bags before shipping them out. :cursing::mad::rant::censor::noggin:
  5. Oh dear!!! Sorry to hear about that....
  6. Well, I am looking at it as an excuse to go visit a friend and have good Thai food down the street. Believe me, otherwise they would have had to give me the credit over the phone or I would have went up the chain until it happened if it was more than 20 minutes up the street! My friend laughed at me when I told her (she was with me when I did the returns) and just said "now you have to go back with me tomorrow to do more shopping".
  7. my mother and i are bad about this and get carried away.

    i live super far from my closest outlet in texas i think dallas needs one :biggrin:
  8. Absolutely facinating, the complete opposite of the "bonus $100 refund" thread that vanished...*shuts up, but quirks a smile*.