Returns/exchanges at a different country

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  1. Hi guys. I recently bought my first Chanel bag in Macau on vacation (I'm in Taiwan for a few more weeks) however it is just sitting in the corner of my room. I haven't even opened it yet and it's been about a week now.
    The reason why I bought it was because it was a gift from my grandpa and since he's old he just gave me his credit card to swipe it. And the problem is I like it but don't "love" it. I've seen a lot of posts about people being able to do returns and exchanges in different countries. My question is this: would I still be able to make an exchange either for store credit or a new bag without the receipt? And if without a receipt is possible, could I return it more than 14 days later? Because I am going back to SoCal in early August and live 15 minutes away from south coast plaza. I do not have any SA as I just started into the world of luxury bags.

    Here is the bag. It just didn't make me have a "wow" reaction...and I was in a hurry to buy it since it was my only chance.

    I'm more into the really simple ones and this one caught my eye. But it was over my budget so I couldn't get it ):

    I was actually more into its beautiful packaging

    Thank you if you've read this far and let me know what you think or need any clarifying.
  2. i exchanged an item purchased from the US in Canada last year. They said originally it had to be 30 days (per receipt) and no refunds just store credit or exchange. I would ask in Taiwan since you're there if you can do an exchange to get something else unless it's less than 30 days you're back in california. Or maybe you can call the US store and explain the situation. Maybe they will work something out for you if its more than 30 days since you contact them. Good Luck!
  3. thank you claraclara! i ended up calling chanel and they did make the exception and i will be able to make an exchange without the receipt. thanks! :smile:
  4. Did you call the store you are returning too?
  5. Missyb yes I called the store and then they called the Chanel store I originally bought the bag from in Macau to verify. The girl that worked with me was very nice about it (: