1. If you purchase an LV from, can you retrurn/exchange it at LV botiques?

    Also, can someone explain the shipping upgrade on right now for father's day? Thanks!
  2. the * in the details for shipping rates apply: $8.00 per additional shipping address (ie: ordering 2 items, both shipping by father's day, but one to your dad, and one to your SO's dad, the other item will be charged $8.00 extra, but still get free upgrade (2-3 day, or overnight) shipping.

    and i don't think you can return elux LV items at the boutiques.. i'm sure they're run as two completely separate channels.
  3. i think u can get a store credit. u should call and ask your LV boutique.
  4. can't exchange anything at LV unless you have a receipt and it's within 30 days. I went to 3 LV stores yesterday to see if I can exchange the Tambourin bag that I received as a gift and they all said no unless I have a valid receipt. :sad: Oh well.
  5. What?! exchange within 30 days?!?!??! Here in Montreal, i only get 3 days for return/exchange!!! I also heard in the US you have a 1 yr warranty! and I only get 2 weeks of warranty! no fair!!!!:rant:
  6. yea it's actually 14 days for boutiques. 30 days for eluxury.
  7. Really?? The sales associates have all said it's within 30 days with a receipt for return and exchange at the Louis Vuitton boutiques. No mentions on the 14 days policy. That's pretty weird.
  8. shrugs. the boutique reciept clearly states the policy on the bottom..
  9. In NYC, returns in 2 weeks. Exchange in 30 days, warranty is 2 years.
  10. It depends on your relationship with your SA. I have exchanged things well beyond 30 days with no problem.
  11. By the way, eLux is 60 days
  12. with the exchanges, is it possible to exchange say a wallet for something like a bracelet or are you only allowed to exchange a wallet for another wallet?
  13. Hmm I don't think your question has been answered yet.

    If you purchase something from Eluxury, you CANNOT return it at a LV boutique even if you have the receipt from Eluxury. I was told that Eluxury and the boutiques have different accounting systems so that's why it's not possible.

    However I have heard of a couple people being able to exchange stuff they've gotten from eluxury at the boutique but these people have good relationships with their SA.
  14. I go to school in Michigan and my brother in Missouri got me a Taiga wallet for my birthday last year . . . sent it up to me and said that the woman at the St Louis store assured him that if I didn't like it I could exchange it for another wallet. So I went to the store (actually to ask about something else) and she said that they would be able to call the St Louis store and have the receipt faxed if I wanted . . . so if you get a piece as a gift, they can probably help you like that, as long as you know when/where it was purchased.
  15. So what if you buy a bag or accessory thru Elux and a few MONTHS later you find out it obviously has a you take it to the boutique for an exchage? or ship it back to Elux?