Returns- Ever Feel Embarrassed?

  1. I have 2 bags, a keyfob and a wristlet that i want to return to get my money back. But i always feel really embarrassed returning Coach items for some reason. How many things have you returned?

    Also, can you return an outlet item to a boutique and vice versa?

    thanks for reading.
  2. outlet stuff can be returned to the boutique for credit. boutique can be returned to outlet.

    embarassed? nah.
  3. thanks kallison!
  4. I actually plan on returning something tomorrow. I usually end up getting something else instead of doing a full return, but I've never been embarassed to return something...if I don't like it, I'm not going to keep it.
  5. I don't feel embarrased actually, they're always so, so nice. However, this last time, they tried to talk me into getting something else (I was exchanging a charm for the new chelsea wristlet), but that was the first time that happened. They weren't pushy or anything.
  6. Don't be embarrassed! They are expensive bags & you should LOVE it if you're going to keep it! Also, they always encourage you to buy if you're on the fence & say that you can always return it, no time limit.
  7. Embarrassed? Never! I never return anything that isn't new with tags and with the original receipt, so there isn't a thing anyone could say. Never feel pressured to keep something that doesn't work for you! Get your money back to spend on something that DOES work! Everyone makes an error in judgement when buying now and then, and it is nothing to feel bad about.
  8. i returned two bags to the outlet yesterday and got three with credit. it was great but the sa was a little snooty. oh well, she's working, i'm not!
  9. I am never embarrassed when and if I have to make a return.
    You have to be happy with your purchase, right?:tup:

    I just don't abuse it.
  10. thanks. well the thing is, i exchanged a bag for the same bag because the first one was a little messed up (not by my doing) and now i want to return the bag that i exchanged the first bag with in the first place. i feel like an idiot, but i want my money back!
  11. No, I don't feel embarrassed, if I am spending money on something I expect to be happy with it. The times I have returned or exchanged, the SA's were very nice about it.
  12. Nope-- if I don't like it-- it goes back. :yes:
  13. I do feel uncomfortable sometimes, but mostly if the SA is snotty. I'm working on ignoring their attitude, because, after all, that's why they have the open ended return policy.
  14. Nope, doesn't bother me a bit. Last year, I was at the outlet and they were telling me about a woman who had cleaned out her closet and found a bag that was something like 20 years old, brand new. They took it back and resold it. And, like Firewalker said, they encourage you to take things home and think about it. I'm planning on returning something I bought a year ago, and I'm not a bit concerned.
  15. I've done several returns over the last couple years. Even when I get a snooty SA who seems annoyed to have to take my return, that's never stopped me. I spent too much money on those bags to keep the ones I'm not totally in love with.