returns bought with saks bonus card

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  1. as you know- i am not 100% in love with how my new chanel sunnies feel, but i put my 150 gift card toward them. They were 350 after tax. What happens to my gift card if I return them? They are on my Saks credit card along with my GST- would I lose it or would it even be possible to lower my bill by the total amount of the shades? (that would be great!-like 150 off the purse)
  2. They will take the sunnies off your charge and let the gc stay on to go towards the purse you bought. If you returned everything on the receipt, they'd give you 150 in gift card and the rest back to your card.
  3. oh-let me clarify-i got the card because of the purse-so i would get the card back?
  4. Yes, then you'd get a card back for 150 and the rest off the charge.